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Pico Rivera Truck Accident Lawyers

In 2017, truck accident fatalities reached a 29-year high, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. Even scarier, truck accident fatalities rose even though overall traffic fatalities declined. If you were involved in a truck accident, you probably consider yourself lucky to be alive, but you may have a long road of convalescence and rehabilitation ahead of you. The Pico Rivera personal injury lawyers at Ellis Injury Law will fight for a fair settlement amount so you can receive appropriate care and the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  

Truck accident causes  

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) cites driver performance as the most common cause of truck accidents. This may involve: 

  • Impairment: including driving under the influence or while fatigued. Many truck accidents result from drivers falling asleep at the wheel.  
  • Distracted driving: whether it’s texting, eating, drinking or otherwise not paying attention, distracted driving is almost as dangerous as driving while impaired.  
  • Bad driving: including speeding, tailgating or not obeying traffic signals.  
  • Inexperience: less experienced drivers are more likely to overcompensate or panic when a truck develops problems.  

The condition of the vehicle itself is often a factor in truck accidents. If the truck is not maintained on a regular schedule, it may develop issues with its brakes or tires. If the tires are not inflated properly, blowouts may occur, which with an 18-wheeler sends an explosion of rubber and material across the roadway, striking other vehicles even if they do not hit the truck. If the truck’s cargo is not loaded for safety and stability, a weight load shift may cause the truck to jackknife or flip over.  

Road conditions often contribute to truck accidents, especially if the weather is bad and the roadway is not well-maintained.  

Truck accident liability 

Many parties may prove liable for a truck accident. Our Pico Rivera truck accident lawyers investigate each case to ensure all entities are held responsible. Besides the driver, fault may lie with the trucking company for lack of maintenance, the freight company loading the vehicle and securing the cargo, or the truck’s manufacturer if a design or other defect contributed to the crash.  

An experienced truck accident lawyer examines the driver’s log, the truck’s maintenance records, and police and eyewitness reports when determining who is responsible for the crash. By going over these records, a personal injury attorney will see whether the driver or trucking company adhered to the strict standards required under Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration laws. We also search for previous violations by the driver or trucking company.   

How a Pico Rivera truck accident lawyer can help  

When choosing a truck accident lawyer, it is crucial that you work with attorneys with vast experience in truck accidents. At Ellis Injury Law, our legal team has obtained more than $350 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients.  Call us today or contact us online to arrange a free legal evaluation. If we move forward with your case, there is no fee unless we win.