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Paramount Bus Accident Lawyers

Imagine this scene; You’re headed home from work on a warm summer evening. You’ve just gotten off the 710 and you’re driving down Rosencrans Ave. You notice the light changing ahead of you, and you come to a stop exactly where you should. A split second later, a bus slams into your rear end, sending you hurtling into crossing traffic. As you spin to a stop, you realize you’re badly injured and your car is totaled. Situations like this are rare, but they do happen. The good news is, the law in California is designed to protect innocent victims like you. If you’ve been involved in a collision with a bus, you need to contact Paramount bus accident lawyers with Ellis Law right away. Talented and experienced personal injury lawyers can help you fight for your rights. 

Bus accidents can be complex cases 

Determining liability in a bus crash is never simple. For starters, we have to figure out if the driver was operating safely. Were they texting, distracted, or speeding in order to meet a tight schedule? Secondly, we look at the bus company. Do they hire people with clean driving records, and properly train them? Bus companies are also responsible for performing routine maintenance on their vehicles. Did they skip out on repairs to save money? Lastly, we can also look into the companies that manufacture replacement parts, and even the party responsible for designing bus stops or adding bus lanes. It takes a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer to get to the bottom of it all and figure out who exactly is to blame. 

Speak with an attorney for free 

Paramount bus accident lawyers with our firm are available, 24/7, to hear your side of the story. It’s not always clear whether or not accident victims should seek legal action, and the only way to know for sure is to speak with a personal injury attorney. Consultations with our partners are totally free and completely confidential. You have no obligation whatsoever to retain our services, regardless of the outcome of your consultation. The sooner you get in touch with us after an accident, the better. If you cannot travel to us, we can speak via phone, email, or chat, and we can even make arrangements to visit you in your home or care facility. 

A no-fee guarantee 

If we think you have a strong case, we can get down to business right away, with no upfront legal fees. Every Paramount bus accident attorney with Ellis Law works on a contingency fee agreement. This allows us to provide top-notch legal representation to everyone in the L.A. County area, regardless of their financial standing. We can access a network of skilled professionals, including crash reconstructionists, police officers, doctors, and auto mechanics to help make your case. In the event that we fail to win damages or a settlement, you won’t owe us a nickel in legal fees. Contact Ellis Law today, and see what we can do for you.