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Palos Verdes Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury cases are more common than you might think, as they entail everything from motorcycle and automobile accidents, to premises liability, assault and battery, or any other kind of instance in which you might have been injured due to another party’s negligence. Luckily, Palos Verdes Peninsula personal injury lawyers are there to step in and help.  

The attorneys at Ellis Law can provide legal assistance, guidance and support for those who have been injured in any of these circumstances. We have recovered more than $350 million in damages over our long and reputable time in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area. We’ve seen, litigated and won hundreds of different kinds of accident cases, and are standing by to offer you the same commitment.  

Investigate the events and gather evidence  

Personal injury cases can be tough to prove. Even if there are witnesses, they must be credible, and there still needs to be enough physical evidence to prove your claim. The superior lawyers at Ellis Law have the skills necessary to gather the required evidence, and fight tooth and nail for your cause in court.  

All of our fees come out of any awarded compensation. If we do not recover damages on your behalf, you owe us nothing.  

Determine negligence  

In order to determine negligence and gather adequate evidence, a personal injury attorney may visit the accident site and speak with your doctors to verify injuries. A case can only be built on a strong foundation of facts.  

We understand that injuries, and consequent medical bills and loss of work negatively affect everyone involved, from the injured to loved ones, coworkers and friends. That’s why if Ellis Law determines that litigation is warranted, our team will work diligently to achieve a resolution in the most cost-effective manner.   

Efficient litigation and compensation  

If you’re involved in an accident, your first instinct might be to call your insurance company. However, insurance companies are not in the business of paying out money, so yours might not have your best interests in mind. Instead, call an attorney immediately. A quality attorney, like those at Ellis, will walk you through the necessary steps, and help you gather the evidence and important documentation that can help you get the settlement you deserve, or prove your case at trial.  

Every state also has a statute of limitations that dictates a window of time in which an injured party can sue for damages. In California, this is usually two years from the time of injury, however it can vary. Call the Ellis Law office as soon as you can after your accident to put yourself in the best possible position for the greatest amount of damages, and to make sure you aren’t racing against the statute of limitations clock.  

Ellis has your back  

With more than twenty years of practice in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area, Ellis Law Corporation has what it takes to help you through your injury. From the accident itself to recovering maximum damages possible at trial, you can count on a personal injury lawyer to have your back. Call us today for a free consultation.