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Pacoima Bus Accident Lawyers

Each year, an estimated 14,000 people are injured in bus accidents across the United States. Many people suffer from things like broken bones, fractures, spinal cord damage, dismemberment, and in some extreme cases, even death. This is due largely to the fact that buses are big, top-heavy vehicles carrying dozens of people that often lack safety features like seat belts and airbags. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, whether you were a passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian, you could be eligible for compensation.  

Call the Pacoima bus accident lawyers at Ellis Law to see how we can use our expertise to help you fight for the maximum amount of compensation. 

Filing a personal injury claim 

Filing a personal injury claim for your bus accident can feel like a big, complex process and shouldn’t be something you do alone. Even if your case seems simple and straightforward, large insurance companies usually don’t like to pay out big amounts and will use their vast legal resources to delay the process—all while your medical bills continue to pile up. Turning to personal injury lawyers that are experienced in winning bus accident cases should be the first thing you do following an incident.  

A Pacoima bus accident attorney from Ellis Law will guide you through the entire process and help you fight for what you deserve.  

Determining who’s at fault 

One of the first things your bus accident lawyer will do is investigate the case. The legal team will dig until they determine (and prove) which party or parties are liable for the accident that caused your injuries. In some instances, such as a drunk driver, it may be easy to determine who’s at fault. However, sometimes the liability can be shared across several parties or may not be the person you think. For instance, if the bus driver’s driving had caused the accident, you would likely see him as the liable party. However, if the bus company failed to provide him with proper training, they may take all or some of the liability.  

Other instances of liability can include: 

  • Companies overworking employees 
  • Mechanics failing to correct known complications 
  • Manufactures producing defective equipment  

The best way to determine who is at fault is by consulting with your personal injury attorney. With 25 years of experience, the Pacoima bus accident lawyers from Ellis Law understand how the system works and knows how to dig deep to determine who should be held responsible for your injuries. 

Hiring a Pacoima bus accident attorney 

If you’ve been struck by a bus or are an injured passenger, choose a law office that has experience fighting such cases. We have won our clients more than $350 million in damages and we never charge for our services until you’ve won your settlement. Call us now for a free consultation.