Oxnard Bus Accident Attorney

Oxnard Bus Accident Lawyer

Accidents of any type can cause great harm, but those involving large vehicles such as buses can be devastatingly tragic. In many instances of bus accidents, multiple people suffer from severe injuries and even death. In instances of school buses, the losses can be even more devastating as large groups of children are subjected to serious injuries. 

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a bus accident, don’t wait to file a claim. The Oxnard City bus accident lawyers at Ellis Law are ready to hear your case. 

Finding the responsible party 

When everyone performs their job as they should, buses are generally a safe mode of transportation. However, when someone fails to complete a required inspection, a company overworks their staff, or a driver doesn’t abide by road laws and protocols, an accident can occur. Determining whose negligence caused the incident is one of the primary steps in filing a lawsuit. 

Examples of liable parties: 

  • The driver of the bus – If a driver is drunk or distracted, or if they are not following the laws of the road or acting recklessly, they could be held liable.  
  • Another driver – Drunk, distracted, or reckless drivers who crash into the bus or cause an incident that creates the accident could share liability. 
  • Bus company – Bus companies have a responsibility to properly train drivers, monitor quality of bus, and more.  
  • Mechanics – Failing to correctly fix a mechanical issue or ignoring it altogether could create liability for hired mechanics. 
  • Manufacturers – Companies that make defective equipment, such as faulty tires, could be held accountable. 

In many cases, there may be more than one liable party. Our Oxnard personal injury lawyers will investigate the incident to find and prove which parties should pay for your loss.  

Determining what to claim 

There isn’t a set price tag on bus accident cases. To determine your claim amount, your bus accident lawyer must sort through all of the financial impacts that the accident has had on you and your family. In some cases, you may also be able to add emotional damage. Each case will have different items listed on their claim.  

Examples of damages include: 

  • Loss of job, missing wages, decrease in income 
  • Current and past medical bills 
  • The estimated cost of future treatments 
  • Assistance devices or home modifications 
  • In-home medical staff 
  • Property damage  
  • Emotional pain and suffering 
  • Funeral services, burials, cremations, and other services 

At Ellis Law, our Oxnard City lawyers will investigate every possible impact to ensure that you receive the most amount of compensation possible.  

Hiring an experienced Oxnard City attorney 

From determining what to say at the scene of the accident to standing up to big insurance companies in court, our Oxnard City Lawyers will be by your side. When you choose a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Ellis Law, you are choosing a firm with more than 25 years of experience and over $350 million won in settlements for its clients. Plus, you don’t pay until we’ve won. 

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