One Killed, Two Children Critically Injured in South L.A. T-Bone Accident

One Killed, Two Children Critically Injured in South L.A. T-Bone Accident


December 13, 2019

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A 52-year-old woman died and her two young relatives were injured critically-to-seriously after a vehicle ran a stoplight and T-boned their vehicle on Friday, November 29. The victim, Felicita Lemus, was trapped by the impact of the crash on the driver’s side. Although paramedics worked to rescue her, she was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

The passengers in her vehicle, her nephew and grandchild, were taken to the hospital with injuries described as “serious to critical.” Both children underwent surgery. Relatives said on a Facebook memorial page that one child, 12, had fractures in his face, while the other, 10, had internal bleeding in the brain and injuries to the neck and liver.

The accident occurred at roughly 11:30 p.m. in the 800 block of East Colden Avenue, just east of McKinley Avenue, in the Green Meadows neighborhood of South Los Angeles. According to news reports, an SUV and a car were involved, but it was not immediately clear which vehicle belonged to Ms. Lemus and which to the other driver.

Ms. Lemus and the children had spent the day with family.

The circumstances that caused the driver to run a red light were not immediately clear. The crash is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department. News reports indicated they did not suspect alcohol as a cause.

T-Bone Crashes and Liability

Although the South Los Angeles accident is still being investigated by police, some general observations can be made.

One vehicle striking another broadside, known as a T-bone, is one of the most dangerous car accidents. Occupants are cushioned by the front and back bumpers if a car is hit in the front or rear, but there is comparatively little cushioning at the side.

What happens when people are killed or injured as a result of another driver’s reckless behavior? All drivers owe a reasonable standard of care to other motorists and the public. Drivers need to operate their vehicles safely, obey all traffic laws and regulations, and maintain their vehicles in a safe condition.

When drivers do not do this, they can be said to have violated the duty of care. This is negligence, and it makes them liable for injuries directly caused by accidents stemming from their negligence.

Injured parties can recover damages from at-fault parties because the latter are liable. If an injury leads to death, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed to recover damages from the at-fault party on behalf of the deceased and their relatives.

A Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

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