One Killed, Seven Injured in San Luis Obispo County Crash of Josh Turner Bus

EMT paramedics in a rescue operation after a car crash

September 23, 2019

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A bus with the road crew of country singer Josh Turner onboard careened down an embankment in Shandon, California on September 18, killing one passenger and injuring seven.

The bus was on Highway 46 in San Luis Obispo County, traveling on the eastbound lanes. The crew had recently finished a Turner concert in Paso Robles and were heading toward a concert in central Washington state. Neither Mr. Turner, perhaps best known for the song “Long Black Train,” nor his band was on board.

It is currently unknown what caused the bus to go off the highway and crash down off the embankment at the side of Highway 46.

The names of the victims were not immediately released. Mr. Turner’s management issued a statement saying “Josh Turner and his road family have suffered a devastating loss.” The September concert dates are expected to be rescheduled.

Firefighters said the driver left the roadway and plunged down an embankment. It was not immediately clear what caused the accident.

All of the injured were taken to the hospital. Two, who sustained major injuries, were airlifted to the hospital. The other five, who sustained moderate injuries, were transported in an ambulance.

Liability in a Bus Crash

While it is unclear what caused the accident on September 18, some general comments about liability in an accident can be made.

The causes of commercial bus crashes can be complex. As a result, an investigation is frequently needed to determine the exact causes. Interviewing of eyewitnesses and forensic analysis, among other methods, can pinpoint how the crash occurred and what the contributing factors may have been.

Determining at-fault parties in a commercial vehicle crash must take the cause of the crash into account. Possibilities include driver error, poor driving training, the maintenance, repair, and condition of the bus, or the condition of parts and components in the truck.

Bus firms, repair and maintenance companies, and manufacturers of components and parts are potentially at fault if their actions (or lack of appropriate action) are found to be factors in the accident.

All of these companies and the driver owe a duty of care to their passengers and other people on the road to make sure that the bus is safe to drive and that the driving is done in a safe and responsible manner. If they violate the duty of care, and the violation led to the causes of the crash, they can be deemed liable for injuries and death stemming from the accident.

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