One Confirmed Dead in 10 Freeway Crash Involving Metro Bus

One Confirmed Dead in 10 Freeway Crash Involving Metro Bus

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May 6, 2019

Ellis Law Corporation


One person is confirmed dead after a fiery crash involving a Metro bus. According to the California Highway Patrol, a Silver Line Metro Bus was traveling on the 10 freeway when it came to an abrupt halt due to a mechanical issue. This caused the car traveling behind it to rear-end the bus.

According to eyewitness accounts, the driver of the car never got out of the vehicle, which erupted in flames seconds later. The driver, who has yet to be identified, was confirmed dead by CHP. The bus was carrying four passengers, none of whom were injured.

Metro spokesman Jose Ubaldo confirmed that the bus stalled and stopped on the freeway due to an undisclosed electrical problem. The driver slammed into the bus not long after.

Who is at fault?

Such instances, while a grave tragedy, are not uncommon in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. At Ellis Law Corporation, we have successfully represented people involved in similar road collision scenarios, as well as the grieving family members of those who have been killed in these types of crashes. The primary question is to what extent is the Metro bus or its driver liable for the destruction and loss of life resulting from the accident.

With regards to this case specifically, we can’t provide a clear answer because the case is still pending and we don’t have enough information to provide an accurate assessment. However, we have represented clients in similar accidents involving public and commercial mass transit vehicles.

In these scenarios, multiple variables are at play. Was the electrical problem that forced the bus to stall a result of company failure to maintain the bus to operating standards? As for the victim, was he tailgating behind the bus? Did he maintain enough distance to be able to come to a full stop? Did the bus driver turn on the hazard warning light? Did the bus driver make a reasonable effort to pull to the side of the road? These are all questions that need to be investigated to determine where the majority of liability lies. The CHP’s report and the findings from an accident reconstruction team will determine the circumstances leading to the collision and tragic subsequent loss of life.

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This isn’t a typical liability case between two private citizens. The potential party at fault is a major transit company. The company likely has its own in-house attorney team and vast financial resources allotted for legal defense. A private citizen may think they have no chance in a liability case. However, a personal injury and wrongful death attorney at our firm can even the playing field.

Please don’t ever think you don’t have a chance at a successful claim because of a company’s big pockets. Give Ellis Law Corporation a call for a free consultation. One of our experienced car accident attorneys will listen to your story, outline your legal options and help you determine if filing a lawsuit is the right decision for you and your family.

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