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Northridge Truck Accident Lawyers

Many of the products that we consume every day are delivered by large trucks. In fact, without trucks transporting these goods throughout Southern California, many of the items and luxuries that we take for granted wouldn’t be nearly as accessible. While trucks are certainly beneficial and necessary, they also present a significant danger on our roadways.

The larger size of commercial motor vehicles creates more momentum and force in a crash than a car creates, and this can cause the life of you or a loved one to change forever in the blink of an eye. Truck accidents can happen to anybody at any time, even if you’re on your way to the CSUN Botanic Garden for a nice, relaxing day. And if that happens, you need to hire the right personal injury lawyer who will help maximize your compensation for your injuries. You need the Northridge truck accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law.

This is what we have done for our clients

There are personal injury lawyers all over, but how many of them have extensive experience working with truck driving accidents in particular?

One of our clients suffered spine injuries in a trucking accident in Los Angeles, requiring surgery, and the medical expenses ended up totaling over $270,000. Our attorneys were able to recover $750,000 for this client.

Another client of ours suffered neck and lower back injuries in a Los Angeles trucking accident, requiring surgery and medical expenses that totaled nearly $200,000. Our attorneys recovered $1.4 Million for that client.

Your Northridge truck accident attorney at Ellis Injury Law knows that these monetary awards can never fully compensate you for your suffering and loss. However, we also know that a successful lawsuit can provide a sense of justice for the victim and its family, alleviate expenses, cover costs, reimburse lost wages and compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by this accident.

Injuries in these accidents can range from nagging to debilitating to deadly. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that a large percentage of truck collisions can be attributed to driver-related errors, which led to the following potentially deadly consequences:

  • Lane departures: Veering off road or into another lane.
  • Loss of control: The loss could be caused by speeding, a shift of the cargo in the vehicle, bad road conditions or other failures of vehicle systems.
  • Rear-end accidents.

Debunking some popular myths

Please note that even if an accident was partially your fault, you may still be entitled to compensation under California law. Additionally, pre-existing injuries that were aggravated due to another party’s negligence may also still be compensated.

Why you need an experienced attorney to handle a truck accident case

Even more so than with a car accident, it is crucial to begin investigating a truck accident immediately. Many truck drivers enjoy union protection, and because an accident puts that driver’s career at stake, he or she will often try to avoid liability at all costs.

Another unique complexity of truck driving accidents is the variety of parties that may be potentially held liable in a lawsuit. These include the driver, the trucking company that employs the driver, the maintenance company that services the vehicle, the truck manufacturer and even the shipper of the goods being transported. The Northridge truck accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law have the experience, knowledge and resources to handle these complex cases and advise you as to which parties may be held responsible in your particular situation. Working with attorneys who are not experienced with handling truck accidents can easily cost you millions of dollars and an indefinite amount of heartache.

Take the fight to the insurance companies

If you are a victim of a truck driving accident, do not make the mistake of trying to settle with an insurance company prior to seeking legal consultation. Their bottom line depends on paying you pennies on the dollar, if anything at all. They are highly experienced and are in the business of minimizing your recovery. Unfortunately for them, this is where your Northridge truck accident attorney at Ellis Injury Law can turn the tables in your favor. The insurance companies know you mean business when you have a personal injury attorney from Ellis Injury Law on your side.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid

At Ellis Injury Law, you will never be charged a fee unless we win. We give each and every client of ours the personal attention that they deserve. In doing so, we help our clients put their lives back together piece by piece by working with integrity, compassion, and honesty. From the minute you become a client of ours, we have a one-track mind: your best interests. We collaborate with highly regarded experts from physicians and accountants to engineers and psychologists to provide our clients with the expert testimony necessary to establish liability and damages and thereby maximize their recovery.

A prestigious law firm

Andy Ellis has been named Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers®,  and the firm was regionally ranked by U.S. News- Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” in the practice area of personal injury litigation. Mr. Ellis is also a member of the 100 National Trial Lawyers member and the Board of Trial Advocates, as among the highest achieving trial lawyers in the country. [

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Our attorneys have recovered over $350 Million for our clients, and our elite team of legal and medical experts is ready to begin working on your case right away.  The statute of limitations for truck accidents in California is two years, meaning that if you delay, you could cost you and your family millions of dollars. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, please call now for a free consultation.