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New Study: San Francisco Has The Most Dangerous Drivers

san francisco most dangerous drivers in US

January 26, 2017

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San Francisco was first on the list as the most dangerous city for drivers.  The top five were:  San Francisco, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Berkeley, Los Angeles.  Top of the list for vehicular fatalities was San Bernardino.  Just recently, San Francisco and Oakland were named in another  national study as having the worst roads in the country.  San Francisco was also recently named in a different report as having the second-highest rate of pedestrian injury and death in the nation.

The recent data for this most recent report in January was collected and analyzed by Liljegren Law Group and 1point21 Interactive.  The study was based using California cities with populations over 100,00 and determined rankings based on fatality rates, hit and run rates, collision frequency and drunk driving related accidents.  Other factors considered included rainfall, population density and percentage of young drivers aged 15-29.

San Francisco’s traffic death rate has been fairly stable despite accelerated growth in population and number of visitors.  Statistics indicate that 200 people are seriously injured and approximately 30 people are killed each year in traffic accidents.  The city and county adopted Vision Zero as a policy in 2014 to prioritize traffic safety and reduce the injuries or death due to traffic accidents.  The goal of citywide efforts is to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024.

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