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Crane Accident Results in Deaths of 2 Construction Workers

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January 5, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation


Construction accidents have come under additional scrutiny in 2016, particularly those involving cranes at building sites across California.  Incidents that may have previously been deemed a traditional construction site accident may now be open to criminal prosecution.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a California crane operator has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the May 2014 deaths of two men at a construction site.  The crane operator’s employer has also been cited with numerous violations related to failing to inspect equipment for safety. The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA) said the particular crane in question was aging and in need of repairs and had not been approved for lifting.  Reports indicate that the basket carrying the two men did not have a working safety latch.  The basket broke free from the crane and the men plunged eighty feet to their deaths.  Disney Construction of Burlingame CA, the crane operator’s employer, has been fined over $100,00 for workplace violations particular to this incident.  Mr. Powell, the crane operator, has also been charged with two felony counts of violating occupational safety or health standards causing death.

Workplace accidents can often have devastating consequences.  In addition, the construction site environment in which they occur may be multilayered and involve numerous parties.  If you have been a victim of a construction accident, an experienced personal injury attorney at Ellis Law can help you navigate the complexities involved.  Call us at 310-641-3335 for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your legal options.