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Newhall Wrongful Death Lawyers

Accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. While some accidents have minor effects, others can be devastating, especially when a loss of life is the result.

For the family of a lost loved one, it can be heartbreaking and confusing – mentally, emotionally and financially. When a family is dependent on the individual’s income and support, thinking about the uncertainty of the future can be even more stressful.

If you have lost a loved one in Newhall due to the negligence or wrongful act of another individual, let the experienced personal injury lawyers of Ellis Injury Law seek justice on behalf of your family.

What is a wrongful death case?

A wrongful death case is defined as a cause of action or type of claim that can be brought when one person or entity wrongfully causes someone’s death. This allows a lawsuit to be filed even if the person harmed is no longer alive to bring the case.

A person must provide enough evidence to demonstrate to a judge or jury that the accused entity or person is at least 51 percent likely to have caused a wrongful death. The surviving family members must prove four elements to win a case for financial compensation, including negligence of action from another; breach of duty or failure to adhere to professional or personal standards of conduct; causation; and related damages.

What kind of negligence or actions would qualify?

While no case is alike, if you believe your loved one may have been impacted by any of the following behaviors or breaches of duty, you should contact one of our Newhall lawyers today. This could include:

  • Negligent driver: If a person does not exhibit a reasonably safe manner while driving – depending on road and weather conditions – they may be considered at fault. This could include but is not limited to distracted, drunk or impaired drivers, careless or aggressive drivers and those who have violated traffic laws.
  • Negligent company: When an individual buys a product, the manufacturer must have determined the product as safe for intended use, along with provided transparent and adequate warning about potentially harmful risks to the buyer. If the product is defective or does not meet the outlined criteria, they may be at fault.
  • Negligent medical professionals: This could include a doctor, nurse, surgeon, hospital or caregiver. If an individual was seeking medical attention, and the actions fall below the expected standard of care or result in errors causing damage, disease, and death – they could be considered responsible.
  • Negligent property owner: A property owner – whether public or private – has a responsibility to ensure it is safe for visitors, customers, and workers. If an accident occurs on an individual’s property and it is due to lack of care and attention to the surrounding space, the property owner may be determined as liable.

Who can pursue a wrongful death claim?

If you are the spouse, domestic partner, child(ren) or dependent minor, or dependent parent of the deceased, you have a right to file a wrongful death lawsuit to claim financial relief and support.

Once a wrongful death lawyer has established the death of a loved one was caused by another party, you must demonstrate the resulting damages to you and/or your family from the loss. In the California courts, a qualified person can seek damages that may be related to the estate or those attributed to the surviving family members. This could include:

  • Loss of future income or financial support
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss due to associated medical expenses, funeral and burial services
  • Loss of love, moral support, community, care, and guidance

A Newhall personal injury attorney can be invaluable in helping to seek these damages in settlement negotiations or a court of law and securing financial claims.

For nearly 20 years, Ellis Injury Law has helped countless families in the Los Angeles-area get on the path to emotional and financial recovery. Let one of our highly skilled personal injury attorneys help you.

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