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Newhall Truck Accident Lawyers

As the oldest community in Santa Clarita, Newhall has had its share of truck accidents. Whether they happen on the freeway or a side street, because of vehicle issues or driver error, truck accidents can change lives irreparably for the worst.  

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, contact a Newhall truck accident attorney from Ellis Law Corporation. Our personal injury lawyers can help victims exercise their legal rights to seek justice and compensation for their injuries and damages.  

We have over 2 decades of experience as Newhall truck accident lawyers, and would be happy to use that experience to help you find justice, healing and closure after your truck accident. From the initial free consultation to the final settlement or verdict, you can count on Ellis.  

Who is responsible in truck accidents?  

Truck accident liability can be a tricky thing, as there are many parties that could have had a hand in causing the accident. These parties, from the truck company that hired the driver and the business responsible for maintaining the truck, to the truck manufacturing company itself and the company that used the truck to ship its goods, have legal duties to do everything in their power to create safe driving environments for the other people on the road.  

Though these parties are never physically present at an accident, they can still be found liable for a few different reasons. The main reasons include:  

  • Poor hiring practices 
  • Lack of driver training 
  • Defective truck parts 
  • Improper truck maintenance  
  • General negligent actions 

Additionally, trucking companies can found liable for their own negligence as well as for the driver’s negligence, as they are often responsible for what their employee does while on the job. Your truck accident lawyer will work with you to determine who is negligent in your specific case, so you can seek the maximum compensation for those responsible for your suffering.  

What about the driver?  

The truck drivers can also be found negligent for truck accidents, in addition to all the above potentially negligent parties. However, truck driver liability might not be as cut and dry and victims may first think, as each case brings its own unique complexities.  

Your Newhall truck accident attorney can say the driver was negligent if it can be proven that the driver:  

  • Acted in direct violation of safety laws 
  • Was the direct reason for accident 
  • Harmed accident victims that are willing and able to seek compensation  

In many cases the driver will not pay monetary damages personally. Rather, the driver’s insurance will pay out compensation to help cover accident-related costs like medical bills, lost income, wrongful death payments, emotional distress, and general pain and suffering.  

Ellis Law Corporation can help 

An experienced personal injury attorney from Ellis Law Corporation can help you navigate the intricacies of truck accident cases. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.