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Newhall personal Injury Lawyers

Following a personal injury, you may be sidelined by physical pain, medical appointments, and financial obligations as bills pile up and you may not be able to work. Unfortunately, it is not a time to rest – insurance companies often start calling immediately, trying to pressure you into an unfairly low settlement, and your claim or litigation will be better positioned if you begin preparing early. This is a big task, but the Newhall personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law are here to help.  

At Ellis Law, we make justice for personal injury victims our top priority. We take action so you can focus on recovering. 

Don’t let insurance adjusters pressure you 

Following an accident, insurance adjusters will often try to be the first to call you. They want to convince you that your case is not worth very much and that you should accept a low settlement. If it is not your insurance company and a claim under your own policy, you do not need to speak with them. 

When you retain a personal injury attorney, you can – and should – direct all calls to your lawyer. Once you do, the insurance companies are no longer allowed to hassle you. Your lawyer fields all of those calls and advocates on your behalf. 

Gathering evidence in a personal injury case 

Quick action following an injury can lead to a stronger case. Witnesses have better memories closer to the date of the injury and are easier to track down. Camera footage is more likely to be intact. It is easier to keep track of medical bills and reports if you have a system in place at the beginning. When you are mending after an accident, this may seem daunting. 

The Newhall personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law take on the burden for you. We jump into action to preserve evidence and undertake investigation. We determine what is needed to build your case, work to preserve the evidence, and even work with expert witnesses as necessary. 

What does a personal injury lawyer cost? 

At Ellis Law, we never charge a fee up-front. Our initial consultation is free and confidential. Even after that, we work on a contingency basis – if we obtain a settlement or judgement on your behalf, our fee is taken as a portion of that amount. This means no out-of-pocket expenses and no risk for you. 

Research has shown that a personal injury attorney can greatly increase the settlement value of a case. According to the Insurance Research Institute, settlement payments to represented parties are 3-4 times the value of those paid to unrepresented claimants. This more than accounts for the fee ultimately paid to an attorney after the case is resolved. 

Time limit to file a claim 

California limits the time that a personal injury victim has to file a lawsuit. Even if you are dealing with an insurance company and expect to settle, the statute of limitations is important because it is your leverage. In many cases of ordinary negligence, the victim has two years to file a lawsuit. If the case involves allegations of professional negligence, like medical malpractice or a claim against an architect, the deadline is limited to one year. Statutes of limitations are very technical and should be addressed by a personal injury attorney. 

Free consultation with a personal injury lawyer 

At Ellis Injury Law, we take the time to understand the needs of our clients in Newhall and throughout Southern California. We take a personalized approach to reach the maximum payout for your injuries. Call today to schedule a free consultation.