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Newhall Bus Accident Lawyers

It’s a beautiful day in Newhall. You’re cruising down Lyons Avenue with the radio playing and thinking about the upcoming weekend. You stop at the same red light that you’ve stopped at a thousand times before. While you’re waiting for it to change, a bus plows into your rear end, sending you careening into crossing traffic. You hit your head pretty hard, you think your arm is broken, and your car is definitely wrecked. It’s scary to think about, but accidents can happen anywhere, even close to home. The good news is, if you’ve been injured in a bus accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to seek generous compensation. Newhall bus accident lawyers from Ellis Law are here to assist. Set up a consultation with personal injury lawyers from our firm today. 

Consultations are always free and confidential 

Though the law in California does allow for some time to pass before taking legal action, most attorneys like to work with their clients from as close to the accident date as possible. As soon as you’re medically stable, reach out to Newhall bus accident lawyers from Ellis Law. These no-obligation free consultations are the way to know for certain whether or not you have a strong case. A bus accident lawyer from our firm will listen attentively to you as you describe the events that led to your accident, the injuries that you’ve sustained, and the impact that this trying ordeal has had on your life. We can help you figure out how best to proceed. 

Our no-fee promise 

If it looks like you have a case and you choose to hire us, we can represent you with no upfront legal fees. Our partners work on contingency fees, which allows us to provide high-quality legal representation to anyone in the L.A. County area, whether they have the money to hire an expensive lawyer or not. We don’t get paid unless you receive damages. In the event we fail to negotiate a fair settlement or win a jury verdict, you won’t owe us any legal fees at all. Reach out to a Newhall bus accident attorney, and take the first steps towards putting your life back together. 

What can an attorney do for you? 

It’s a simple question, and it’s one that we get asked all the time. First and foremost, your bus accident attorney will work to determine liability. In a case involving a bus, this can include the driver, the company who owns the bus, the mechanics who maintain the vehicle, and even the people who design bus stops. Secondly, we can put together a fair compensation sum that includes money for all the calculable costs incurred as a result of your accident, as well as a sum to cover your physical pain and suffering. We can deal with insurance companies, handle paperwork, and negotiate a generous settlement. If no agreement can be reached, we can take your case to court. We’ve won over $350 million for accident victims like you, and we know how to get results.