Must-Have Motorcycle Riding Gear

Must-Have Motorcycle Riding Gear

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July 5, 2018

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Motorcycle Injuries

When it comes to riding a motorcycle and staying safe, having the right gear is essential. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a veteran biker, you want to protect yourself in the event of a fall or crash. There are literally thousands of accessories, innovative gadgets and motorcycle get-ups on the market that will help you get from point A to point B in one piece—and today’s gear is getting lighter, more functional and stylish.

Stay safe in the saddle by equipping yourself with the following essentials.

Essential motorcycle gear and accessories

  1. Motorcycle helmet – A quality, lightweight DOT-certified helmet may set you back $300-$400, but it is well worth the investment. Wearing a helmet is not only the law, it can probably save your life and reduce the chances of suffering traumatic brain injury in an accident. A full-face helmet offers the best protection but get a ¾ helmet at the very minimum. Experts recommend replacing your helmet every 5 years as the components and adhesives inside begin to break down.
  2. Jacket – If your budget allows, purchase a quality jacket for warmer and cooler temperatures that provides abrasion resistance. Some of the best motorcycle jackets are made of leather and reinforced mesh – materials that won’t shred when you hit the pavement.
  3. Boots – According to statistics from the CDC, 30 percent of all non-fatal motorcycle injuries occur in the feet and legs. Protect your ankles and avoid crush injuries by investing in a solid pair of motorcycle boots (preferable made of leather). You’ll find boots with padded armor discs that protect ankle bones, reinforced toe boxes and extra thick soles.
  4. Gloves – Motorcycle riding gloves are designed to protect your digits from the elements and road rash. Made of suede, full-grain leather and mesh, most feature reinforced knuckle and palm armor for added safety.
  5. Motorcycle Pants – In the event of a spill, regular demin will shred in seconds, increasing your chances of serious injury. As with a jacket, you want to look for abrasion-resistant materials such as Kevlar. There are many new textiles available that won’t rip or tear. You can also purchase riding jeans that are lined with Kevlar.
  6. Reflective vest – A reflective vest is a must-have for any rider. Put it over your jacket for increased visibility at dusk and nighttime, when many accidents tend to happen.

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles

With the right safety gear, motorcyclists can reduce the chances of being fatally harmed in the event of a crash. To learn more about your legal options in the wake of an accident, contact Ellis Injury Law Firm for a free and confidential case evaluation with a skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. Phones are answered 24-7, call today at 310-641-3335 to speak with a professional personal injury lawyer.

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