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Multiple Fatalities in Woodland Hills Crash

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June 30, 2016

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Officials with the Los Angeles Fire Department report that three people lost their lives, and two others sustained serious injuries in a violent car crash in Woodland Hills this past Saturday.

Occurring in the 20900 block of Ventura Boulevard, the collision was so intense that bystanders and witnesses attempted to use buckets and fire extinguishers to aid those trapped in a car that was engulfed in flames.

Excessive speed suspected in multi-car crash

Following a preliminary investigation of the incident, authorities believe that speed was a contributing factor to the crash. Three individuals inside a 2015 Ford Mustang were killed after traveling at what were stated to be “faster than freeway speeds” on a portion of the highly-trafficked boulevard with posted limits of 40 miles per hour.

The crash occurred when the Mustang collided with a 2015 Chevy Malibu heading east, opposite the Ford. Then proceeding westward, the initiating vehicle hit a parked Honda Accord. Surveillance video captured at the scene is being reviewed and authorities are requesting that any witnesses to the accident come forth to describe what they saw that night. In addition to three fatalities, two other individuals were seriously injured and three declined medical treatment at the crash site.

Driver negligence and available remedies for victims

When car accidents caused by other drivers produce severe injuries, lasting disabilities and even death, many victims consider filing suit against that individual. It should also be noted, however, that it is also possible for those harmed as passengers in a negligently-driven automobile to seek compensation for the harm they have sustained.

Every motorist owes a duty of care to fellow drivers, but also to those within their own vehicle. When a driver fails to fulfill that duty and tragedy strikes, victims are afforded the opportunity to pursue that individual or their estate. It is important for those injured in auto accidents stemming from another party’s negligence to explore their legal rights, whether they were passengers in that person’s vehicle or occupying another vehicle altogether.

Though there may be instances in which a negligent driver is subjected to onerous criminal penalties which may include the obligation to pay restitution to victims, the amounts are rarely sufficient to fully compensate the losses that have been suffered. When this is the case, victims and their families owe it to themselves to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer aimed at recovering the true amount of resources necessary to facilitate the greatest degree of recovery possible.

Justice for Los Angeles accident victims

Nobody anticipates the pain, disruption, and inconvenience car accidents can bring, but it is important for victims to take swift action through a personal injury attorney in the immediate aftermath in order to preserve their rights. By working quickly to interview eyewitnesses, capture key evidence and review police reports, those harmed by the negligence of other drivers can maximize their chances of receiving the compensation they need and in fact deserve.

With more than two decades of providing hope to Los Angeles injury victims, the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ellis Law understand the upheaval car crashes can yield. If you or a loved one have been injured in a serious auto accident and wish to learn more about recovering payment for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and more, contact us at 310-641-3335.