Multicar Crash Leads to One Fatality

Multicar Crash Leads to One Fatality

October 27, 2020

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The consequences of car crashes can be devastating, from property damage and serious injuries to tragic fatalities. The accident that occurred in Ontario on October 18, 2020, is no exception.

The Accident

A driver was traveling west at a high rate of speed on 60 Freeway in Ontario, a city in San Bernardino County, early on Sunday morning at about 12:30 am. The driver was speeding as he came upon a construction zone and was unable to brake for traffic. He crashed into another car, which caused a chain reaction of collisions involving two other vehicles. 

The Aftermath and the Damage

The drivers and passengers in the three affected vehicles were reported to be in good condition and lacking any serious injuries. The extent of damages to their cars was not reported.

The driver that caused the accident, however, was not so lucky. He got out of his damaged car right after the crash and tried to run away from the scene. He attempted to jump over the highway median and escape across the eastbound lanes but was struck by an oncoming car. He was killed in the collision. The authorities suspect that alcohol and/or drugs might have been involved.

The 60 Freeway was closed for several hours in both directions.

What Can Victims Do?

Since the driver that caused the accident is dead, what can the other victims do?

A car accident lawsuit might be the way to go. Ellis Injury Law has years of experience with complex cases such as this. Our experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers can work with you or any crash victim to come up with a course of action that will garner the maximum possible compensation in a settlement or court ruling.

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