Top Five Motorcycle Apps

Top Five Motorcycle Apps

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August 23, 2017

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There’s an app for everything, so why not for your motorcycle? There are apps that let you track and share ride destinations, monitor conditions, even apps that will rescue you or your friends in case of a crash. While these apps are a great way to enhance the fun of motorcycle riding and increase the riders safety. Just remember to never use them while riding your motorcycle and if you are injured in a wreck contact a professional personal injury attorney at Ellis Injury Law.

What are the top motorcycle apps? There are lots of great apps, in many different categories: ride planning, awesome trips, traffic and weather conditions, and safety. Here are the top 5 you’re likely to use in these primary categories.

Eat Sleep Ride

This app’s name says it all. You can plan a route, share a great riding route, and figure out the best biker locations to eat and sleep not only throughout southern California, but throughout the U.S. and the world.

You can also save and share awesome rides. You can replay rides varying the speed and elevation too, so there are ways to plan customized rides to infinity, almost.


Waze has the distinction of being the biggest community-based navigation and traffic app. Check the traffic and road conditions using Waze and you’ll never get caught in construction or clogged traffic again. It’s updated in real time.

Waze was first developed to help folks who commute to work. But it grew so popular, and so able to cover large areas with comprehensive and fast data, that it will now work for motorcycles too, and really well.

Best Biking Roads

Cool as Waze is for avoiding annoyances and inconveniences on the road, it won’t help you plan the best biking trip ever. For that, turn to Best Biking Roads. Best Biking Roads is an app that lets motorcyclists themselves chooses the most awesome routes. It contains more than 8,000 individual rides, with images including pictures and videos. Check out the reviews as well, for on-the-ground experiences.

NOAA Weather Radar

As fun as biking can be, doing it in rain will reduce the fun quotient a lot. Inclement weather is also more unsafe for vehicles than clear weather, because it increases the slipperiness of roads and decreases visibility.

The safest thing to do is to check the weather on your route. The U.S. government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) app makes that super-easy. NOAA is primarily a weather tracker, despite the fancy name. It has satellites, which the app allows you to track. You can tell if storm clouds are moving fast or whether they headed out to sea or in your direction.


While no one likes to think of motorcycle crashes or motorcycle injuries when planning a trip, being prepared is one of the smartest things you can do on a ride. Cradar employs smartphone accelerometers to find out if a crash has occurred. Best of all, it will automatically send a text to an emergency number and provide a route to reach the crash. This can be really helpful all the time, but especially on less traveled roads.

If you need an attorney

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