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Monterey Park Wrongful Death Lawyers

Few things can devastate a family like the unexpected loss of a loved one. While the circumstances surrounding any sudden death are tragic, a loss of life that was otherwise avoidable is especially difficult to deal with.  

For more than 20 years, the experienced Monterey Park wrongful death lawyers of Ellis Injury Law have proudly fought for the rights of surviving family members. Our team can help you seek compensation for the loss of your loved one in a thorough, compassionate way. While no amount of money can make up for losing someone you love, a successful wrongful death claim could help you obtain a modicum of justice.  

If you have lost someone recently due to the negligence of another person, you could have a viable wrongful death claim. To learn more, contact the personal injury lawyers of Ellis Injury Law right away.  

The right to file a Monterey Park wrongful death lawsuit 

California law is specific on who has the right to seek a wrongful death lawsuit. While many people could have been impacted by a person during their life, only certain family members can seek monetary compensation following their wrongful death. State law establishes a priority for family members that can bring a wrongful death suit against the person responsible for the loss of life.  

The priority for filing a California wrongful death suit lies with the deceased person’s spouse or domestic partner. If there is no spouse or partner, the right to bring a wrongful death claim falls to the children of the decedent. This includes both natural-born children as well as any dependent minors that lived in the same household for the previous six months or more. If these heirs do not exist, the right falls to the deceased’s parents if they were under the care of the decedent prior to death.  

If none of these heirs are able or willing to file suit, the right to bring a wrongful death claim will fall to other family members that survive the deceased person.  

No fee unless we succeed 

There are countless financial considerations that arise following an untimely death. With so many financial responsibilities, the thought of hiring an expensive wrongful death lawyer might seem like an expense you cannot afford. At Ellis Injury Law, we are sensitive to these needs. That is why we take every case on a contingency basis. We will never charge you legal fees upfront. If we are not successful in your wrongful death claim, you will never owe us a thing. Our fee comes as a percentage of anything we recover on your behalf. Our contingency rate will never increase during the course of your case, making it easy to budget during an ongoing wrongful death case.  

How a Monterey Park wrongful death attorney could help  

Your personal injury attorney could aggressively pursue the compensation you and your family deserve following the loss of a loved one. If you have questions about the first steps in the process, contact Ellis Injury Law right away.