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Monterey Park Bus Accident Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents are always stressful—even minor ones. When a bus is involved, the weight and size of the vehicle can turn what would have been a minor fender bender into a catastrophic crash. Anyone can potentially become involved in a bus accident, regardless of whether regularly take the bus or not. A bus crash can injure the bus passengers, nearby pedestrians, and the drivers and passengers of other vehicles. When bus accidents occur, Monterey Park bus accident lawyers are ready to help the victims receive just compensation.  

At Ellis Injury Law, we’re pleased to offer vigorous legal representation to victims of bus accidents in Monterey Park and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our personal injury lawyers are seasoned litigators who draw on years of experience and keen legal insights to provide comprehensive representation to bus accident victims. 

Who can you sue after a bus accident?  

When a bus accident lawyer at Ellis Injury Law reviews your case, one of the first factors to consider is which party may be at fault for the crash. Bus accident cases, in particular, are quite complex because either private companies or municipal government authorities may be in charge of the bus line. If a private company was in charge of the bus, the bus driver or the company itself may be named as the defendant. It’s also possible to sue the manufacturer of the bus or its parts if the bus is found to have been mechanically defective in a way that would constitute negligence. 

If it was a city bus or a school bus, the bus driver may be protected by “sovereign immunity.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot file a personal injury lawsuit. However, there will be different procedural requirements that must be followed. It’s likely that your personal injury attorney will need to file a notice of claim. 

Filing a notice of claim after a bus accident 

Bus accident claims filed against a government entity in California are subject to the rules outlined in the California Tort Claims Act. This law specifies that an injured person must provide written notice to the defendant agency within six months of the accident. This is much shorter than the typical two-year timeframe which normally applies to personal injury claims, so it’s imperative to consult an attorney at Ellis Injury Law as soon as possible after an accident. Once the notice of claim is filed, the defendant agency will either accept or reject the claim. If part, or all, of the claim is rejected, your lawyer can then file a bus accident lawsuit in court. 

Get the legal help you need in California 

Bus accident cases can be highly complex. You need to hire a Monterey Park bus accident attorney whom you can trust to deliver results. At Ellis Injury Law, our legal team has extensive experience litigating tough cases. We’ve secured millions in compensation for our personal injury clients. You can schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation with a personal injury attorney by calling us today. We will thoroughly review your case and explain your options for legal recourse.