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Montebello Personal Injury Lawyers

The truth is: accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. Our Montebello personal injury lawyers believe a so-called “accident” always deserves a closer look. When another person’s negligence or recklessness contributes to your misfortune, you may be entitled to sue for compensation. No amount of money will ever undo the hardship you have faced, but it can ensure that you receive the best medical care and can help prevent similar calamities from happening to others. 

Pursue your legal options without any upfront costs  

Free consultations are one of the unique aspects of a personal injury lawyer, versus a business or divorce lawyer. We understand the unique circumstances you face in the wake of serious injury – the mountain of medical bills, the lost time off work, and the mental stress. Instead of adding to your financial woes, we hope to mitigate them by negotiating a fair settlement or pursuing an even bigger jury award. If we win your case, we take an agreed-upon percentage for our legal services and hand over the rest to you. If the case is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing. Our firm has been in business for more than 25 years, so you can tell we have a pretty good track record of success. In fact, we’ve secured over $350 million on behalf of personal injury clients! 

Do you have a strong personal injury case? 

At your initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your personal injury case. A “personal injury” can be anything from a motor vehicle accident, to a workplace injury, premises liability slip-and-fall accident, dog bite, dangerous products or medical mishap.  

The strongest cases have a few commonalities: 

  • The accident resulted in a physical injury, not just property loss. 
  • The injury was severe enough to miss time off work or require surgery. 
  • Another person was somehow involved in the accident or owed a “duty of care” to the injured person. 
  • The accident caused “damages” like medical bills, lost wages, disability-related expenses, or mental anguish. 

Steps in a personal injury lawsuit 

After your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, you may be offered a contract for us to represent you. An experienced attorney will work closely with you, whether you need a referral for medical care, details surrounding your accident, help filing your lawsuit paperwork, or representation in court.  

  • Demand Letter – The process usually kicks off with a demand letter, stating your claim to compensation and how much you expect. Sometimes the other side concurs and the process ends there. More often, they rebut with a lower offer or sometimes outright deny any liability for what happened.  
  • Investigation – If your demand is rejected, we’ll investigate the facts further and build a stronger case.  
  • Negotiation – At this point, we should have good leverage to negotiate a higher settlement than what the other side initially offered. Through our many years of experience, we know a fair settlement when we see one. Ultimately, the power is in your hands to settle whenever you want, but we’ll communicate honestly with you throughout the process, so you know what you can reasonably expect by holding out. 
  • Lawsuit Filing – If they’re still playing hardball, we’ll subpoena documents from the other side, bring in expert witnesses, and gather more evidence in preparation for court. Once we’ve filed your lawsuit, we take the matter all the way before judge and jury if necessary. 
  • Appeal – Sometimes the other side appeals the final decision and we’ll need to continue our fight to maintain the compensation that is rightfully yours. We may also need to intervene if the other side does not pay what they owe, as the court demands. 

Ellis Injury Law is a successful personal injury firm, with a number of offices from Oakland, to Montebello, to San Diego. Contact us to speak directly with an attorney about your full range of legal options.