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Monrovia Bus Accident Lawyers

California ranks in the top 10 U.S. states for the highest rate of fatalities related to bus and large truck accidents. While it’s not surprising given the high population and overall size of the state, it can be shocking when it happens to you or a loved one.  

Buses are a common mode of transportation for commuters, tourists, students, and companies. In fact, each year across the U.S. nearly 700 million people travel via bus. Although a majority of travelers arrive safely at their destination, more than 11 percent are involved in a fatal accident and another 7 percent are injured.  

Types of injuries 

The impact of a bus accident can be minor to severe and in some cases, catastrophic. In California, there are four classifications of injuries, including: 

  • A fatal injury: death as a result of an injury sustained in a collision, or an injury resulting in death within 30 days of the accident 
  • Severe injury: an injury that results in broken bones, dislocated or distorted limbs, severe laceration or unconsciousness at/when taken from the scene of the accident 
  • Other visible injuries: would include bruises, discoloration or swelling, and abrasions to the skin where the surface is roughened or blotchy 
  • The complaint of pain: is an incident where an injured person does not have any visible injury but might be dazed, confused, recovered from unconsciousness or report discomfort without any physical indicators  

For more than 20 years, the personal injury lawyers of Ellis Injury Law have helped the victims of bus and vehicle accidents successfully obtain compensation for economic losses such as medical bills and lost wages, along with related non-economic losses, including emotional suffering or reduced quality of life. In the worst of cases, we have helped the families of loved ones who lost their lives find justice.  

In fact, our expert legal team of Ellis Injury Law has helped to recover more than $350 million for our clients.  

Building your case 

A free consultation with an experienced Monrovia bus accident lawyer can help you and your family determine whether you should pursue potential compensation for your injury or loss.  

Our compassionate attorneys will seek to understand the details of the accident, your medical history, and related injuries, and work to determine the responsible party.  

In some cases, determining liability may be complex. It may be as simple as a distracted driver or may need further investigation and evidence to prove fault. Accountability can fall to the driver, the bus company itself, and even a local municipality or state agency.  

If the responsible party is a public or government entity, you must act fast. While typically a plaintiff has up to two years to file a claim against a private company and/or the associated driver in California, a claim against a public or government entity must be filed in as little as six months from the date of the accident.  

We are persistent in our pursuit of justice and will fight for the bus accident victims of Monrovia. If we don’t succeed in getting you the compensation you deserve, we don’t take a penny.  

Choosing the best Monrovia personal injury lawyer is critical to your success, and the team of attorneys at Ellis Injury Law is ready to help you. Contact us today to get started.