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Mercedes-Benz to Recall One Million New Cars Due To Fire Risk

mercedes-benz recalls one million vehicles due to fire

March 8, 2017

Ellis Law Corporation


To date, 51 car fires have been reported in newer 2015-2017 model Mercedes-Benz vehicles worldwide. Thirty of the car fires have been in the US. Models affected include CLA, GLA, C-Class, E-Class and GLC models. Of the million vehicles involved in the recall, 307,629 are located in the United States. That number is 40,00 units less than Mercedes-Benz had reported to US officials. The company will begin recalling in the US market in July when parts become available. The German company, Daimler AG, said no injuries or deaths have been reported.

According to a disclosure filed by Mercedes, the fire is caused by a faulty current delimiter or fuse, that may overheat and melt other car parts with repeated attempts to start the car. Mercedes will be notifying owners of affected vehicles beginning in late March. Affected cars still in dealer inventory will be fixed before they are sold. The United States is one of the three biggest markets for Mercedes-Benz which also includes China and Germany. No announcement has been made as to when customers in other markets would be notified.

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