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Marina Del Rey Wrongful Death Lawyers

In our more than twenty years of representing Marina Del Rey accident victims and their families in accident and negligence lawsuits, Ellis Law personal injury lawyers have recovered more than $350 million in damages from negligent parties and their insurance companies. We have particular knowledge and expertise in wrongful death lawsuits that accident victims’ families and loved ones are entitled to pursue when negligence causes a fatality. 

We fight to recover the full amount of wrongful death damages that may be available  

A sudden and accidental fatality imposes a myriad of unexpected costs and expenses on the victim’s family and loved ones, including: 

  • Funeral and burial expenses; 
  • Physician and hospital bills for treatment of injuries and illnesses before the victim passed away; 
  • Reduction in family income due to lost salaries and wages; 
  • The value of the family support and companionship that is lost when an accident victim perishes.  

A Marina Del Rey wrongful death lawyer will argue aggressively to recover these and all other actual and prospective losses following a wrongful death. 

Our attorneys will consult with you 24 hours a day and seven days a week 

Our toll-free phone lines are staffed by wrongful death intake specialists who will direct your call to a personal injury attorney whenever you call us, including on evenings, weekends, and holidays. That attorney will have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your wrongful death case within the context of California’s negligence and accident laws, and to evaluate your opportunity to recover damages to compensate for your loss.   

Call us for a no-fee, no-obligation consultation 

You will never have to worry about receiving a bill when you contact Ellis Law Corporation to speak with a Marina Del Rey wrongful death lawyer. Our initial consultations are complimentary, and the decision to retain our firm to represent you is always entirely in your hands. Even more, if we take your case, we will collect our fees from the damages we collect for you and you will never be asked to pay our fees out of pocket. If we cannot recover compensation for your losses, our services will be free.  

We provide full guidance on whether you have a right to file a California wrongful death lawsuit 

An accident victim’s surviving spouse, children, and parents will often have a right to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit under California’s laws. That right may also extend to the accident victim’s other heirs, his or her stepchildren, and other persons who relied on the victim for their primary financial or emotional support. Call us for answers to your questions about whether your relationship with a deceased accident victim gives you a right to pursue wrongful death damages.   

Contact the Marina Del Rey Wrongful Death Attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation  

The wrongful death lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation represent accident victims that reside in Marina Del Rey and elsewhere in the greater Los Angeles area. Please see the Firm’s website or call us directly for your complimentary consultation about your potential wrongful death lawsuit.