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Marina del Rey Personal Injury Lawyers

The beach scenes of Marina del Rey attract sun-loving boating residents as well as countless tourists. Unfortunately, personal injuries occur even in a Southern California coastal haven. When you or a loved one are sidelined by a personal injury and believe someone else is legally to blame, call the Marina del Rey personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law to discuss whether you should bring a claim. 

Do you have a personal injury case? 

Whether you are looking at a potential insurance claim or a civil lawsuit, the question is the same: was someone else legally at fault for your injury? This usually comes down to whether someone else was negligent, either by acting carelessly or by failing to do something which they were required to do. To be liable, the other party’s negligence must have been a closely related cause of the injury. 

There are some cases where a defendant may be considered “strictly liable” even without having acted carelessly. There may also be a strong case for liability because the party that caused the accident was violating some safety-focused law or regulation and the violation led to the accident. A skilled personal injury attorney from Ellis Law can discuss your case with you to determine whether a special liability situation will affect your claim. 

Compensation available for personal injuries 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to compensation for a personal injury. In general, you can request to be “made whole” by demanding compensation for all of your losses caused by the incident. This may include medical expenses, lost wages, and even amounts to compensate for physical and emotional pain and suffering, temporary or permanent disability, and loss of spousal relations. 

Potential compensation may be reduced if you were partially at fault for the accident or if you had pre-existing injuries that were made worse by the accident. Some people mistakenly believe these situations will prevent them from recovering any compensation – a false notion that insurance adjusters promote in order to reduce the amount paid on a claim. But California still allows you to hold the other party responsible for the proportion of the damages that they caused. Speak with a personal injury lawyer to get a better understanding of the damages for which you may be eligible. 

Do not delay pursing a claim 

It is important to act as quickly as possible after suffering a personal injury. The time to file a lawsuit is limited under statutes of limitations. The time lines may seem long enough, but evidence can be quickly lost without taking prompt action. Insurance company representatives will call you as soon as possible after an accident in order to coax you into a quick and low settlement. Having an experienced counselor on your side is your best protection. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, call to speak with the Marina del Rey personal injury lawyers and Ellis Law today. Consultations are free and confidential. Remember, we never charge a legal fee unless and until we win a settlement or verdict on your behalf.