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Manhattan Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

The hours and days following a sudden injury can be confusing. You may be in severe pain and need medical attention, and you may have to speak with the police. It can be difficult to make the right decisions when you’re under this amount of stress. Fortunately, Manhattan Beach personal injury lawyers are standing by, 24/7 to hear your side of the story. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have a constitutional right to file a lawsuit. Contact a personal injury lawyer from Ellis Law today for a free consultation. You may be entitled to a generous cash settlement. 

Get the justice you deserve 

In addition to a pile of medical bills, everyday living expenses like rent, groceries, and utilities can pile up quickly if you’ve missed work due to an injury. If your accident was caused by someone else’s irresponsible behavior, the liable party might owe you compensatory damages to address your bills and missed income, as well as damages to make up for your pain and suffering. The only way for you to know for sure whether or not you have a solid case is to sit down with Manhattan Beach personal injury attorneys and give them a detailed account of the events surrounding your accident. 

One hundred percent free and confidential consultations 

Hiring a legal team can be extremely expensive, especially in Manhattan Beach. At Ellis Law, we believe everyone should have quality legal counsel in their hour of need. We’ll meet with you and discuss your accident with no upfront legal fees. Should we decide you have a case, we’ll fight tirelessly for you without charging you a dime. We don’t get paid until we negotiate a fair settlement, or you win a jury verdict. Should you lose your case, you won’t owe us a thing. If you’re hurt and out of work, scraping together enough money for basic necessities can be difficult. Don’t let a lack of funds be a barrier that keeps you from seeking justice. 

A firm with a reputation for getting results 

Founded over two decades ago by Army vet and Loyola Law alumnus, Andrew Ellis, Ellis Law has a proven track record of getting results. In 20 years, we’ve handled everything from simple cases of distracted drivers, slip and falls, or dog bites, to complex tort cases that seek to hold big corporations accountable for their actions. We’ve won over $350 million in damages for our clients, and helped many people get back on their feet after a serious injury. If you’ve been hurt in an automobile or motorcycle accident, injured by poorly maintained walkways, stairs or railings, or been the victim of an unsafe product or workplace, it’s imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The sooner we get started building your case, the better. If you think there’s even a small chance you are owed money for your injuries, it’s worth picking up the phone.