Man Struck by Car in Koreatown, Killed

Man Struck by Car in Koreatown, Killed

February 21, 2019

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A 30-year-old bicyclist was hit and killed by a car in an accident initially mischaracterized as a hit-and-run. The victim, a Hispanic man whose name was not released, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial Reports of Hit and Run Inaccurate

Apparently, the man had been riding a bicycle around Wilshire Boulevard just west of South Berendo Street. He was hit by a BMW and dragged about 30 feet.

Initially, news reports indicated he was struck by a vehicle whose driver fled the scene and then hit by the BMW. When police reviewed surveillance tapes of the area later, however, they found that no first car existed. The BMW apparently struck the man when he was lying in the street, not riding his bicycle. The BMW’s driver stayed with the victim until authorities arrived.

Coroner’s office authorities told police they smelled alcohol at the scene.

Police have requested that anyone who witnessed the accident contact them with information.

Determining Negligence in a Car Accident

The case is still under investigation, so it is not possible to discuss who or what caused the accident, or which parties were negligent. However, some general observations about car accidents can be made.

The first is the necessity for objective investigation. Initial news reports spoke of a hit-and-run vehicle that later police review of surveillance material indicated didn’t exist. While eyewitness and other testimony can be highly important to a case, it needs to be corroborated by the facts.

Second, all parties in a vehicle accident are responsible for obeying the rules of the road re safe operation of vehicles and obeying traffic laws. All parties must follow California law.

Drivers may be responsible if they hit a pedestrian or a bicyclist. But both pedestrians and bicyclists must also follow traffic rules and laws, or they may be partly or even fully responsible for an accident. A pedestrian darting out suddenly in traffic may be responsible if a car is unable to stop in time and strikes them. The driver, on the other hand, should be driving at a safe enough speed that the car can be stopped in a reasonable amount of time.

If any party in an accident has violated state laws about drinking while operating a vehicle, they can be charged.

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Car accidents can occur at any time and any place. They can involve pedestrians and bicyclists. Any party could be partially or completely responsible. Car accidents can be complicated, and there is sometimes a need to investigate the causes of a crash or a fatality.

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