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Lynwood Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether it is an auto accident, a defective product injury, a slip and fall, or some other mishap, there are plenty of reasons Lynwood residents may need to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Seeking a wise and experienced counselor is the first step in protecting your rights and fighting for full and fair compensation. The Lynwood personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law are committed to advocating for those who have been injured by someone else’s negligence in Southern California. 

Representing victims of personal injury 

The distinguishing feature in a personal injury case is someone else’s careless or reckless act. This may involve a negligent driver disobeying traffic signals, a bar patron over-indulging and assaulting another customer, a trucking company failing to limit the number of hours its driver stays on the road, a manufacturer releasing products with unsafe defects, or a number of other missteps. Part of the role of a personal injury attorney is to investigate what went wrong, determine who may be liable, and build a strong body of evidence to prove it. 

Fighting for full compensation 

There is both a personal and a societal good that comes from holding at-fault parties responsible for the injuries they cause. For the individual personally harmed, it provides a way to pay for necessary medical bills, lost wages, and other financial and non-financial losses caused by the injury. For the greater community, it provides a significant incentive for both the defendant and others to avoid the same kinds of harmful actions.   

We accept cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning, you don’t owe us anything unless we collect compensation on your behalf. This means you have nothing to lose by contacting an Ellis Law attorney to discuss the details of your case. Even more, studies show that insurance companies pay claims 3.5 times higher when the claimant is represented by a personal injury lawyer.  

Legal representation to put your trust in 

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, remember that this will be someone you may work with over several months. You will need to feel comfortable with this person as you discuss details like how the injury has impacted your life. You need to be able to see eye-to-eye on your goals. You need to be able to reach them with questions and concerns. 

Your lawyer also needs to have a technical understanding of the legal and procedural requirements of litigation. Specialized experience is important; the lawyer you hired to write your will or defend against a traffic ticket may not be the right person to fight for your personal injury compensation. 

The Lynwood personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law make fighting for the rights of injury victims top priority. We put your interests above all else, listening with compassion but fighting aggressively on your behalf. Consultations are confidential and are always free. We never charge a legal fee up front – we only get paid when you do! Reach out to us today.