Has Anyone Died in an Uber Accident?
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Has Anyone Died in an Uber Accident?

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Ride-hailing companies like Uber provide economic transportation to communities that are underserved by public transit and taxis. Ordering an Uber can also help reduce the incidence of drunk drivers on the roads, but as ridesharing service gains increasing popularity, is it really all that safe compared to other modes of transport?  

Nearly 4 million Uber trips are taken every day in the United States. How many of these end in serious accidents? Is it risky taking Ubers in California, and has anyone died in an Uber accident? 

According to Uber’s 2017-2018 Safety Report, the San Francisco-based company is dedicated to keeping passengers and drivers safe. Beyond yearly background checks, Uber launched the first continuous driver screening technology of its kind, which helps to ensure every driver is compliant with safety standards.  

107 Uber related fatalities in 2017-2018 

Despite these actions and technological initiatives, the company reported 107 accident fatalities in 2017 and 2018. These deaths are attributed to 97 separate collisions related to the Uber app. The safety report claims that the rate of Uber accident-related deaths is nearly half that of the national average for all road traffic, based on the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. 

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), is a federal census that provides data on motor vehicle crash fatalities in the U.S. crash. When compiling the dataset, the vehicle of the driver using the Uber platform did not have to be responsible for the crash, or the fatalities, for it to be classified as an “Uber related” fatal motor vehicle accident. 

Motor vehicle fatality data on Uber accidents 

The Uber safety report indicates: 

  • In 2017, the accident fatality rate was 0.59 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled  
  • In 2018, it was 0.57 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled  
  • 90 percent of fatal accidents happened in urban areas 
  • 21 percent of deaths were Uber drivers logged into the app 
  • 21 percent of the fatalities were Uber passengers  
  • Roughly 65 percent of fatal Uber-related accidents involved one or more vehicles 
  • 31 percent of fatal accidents involved cyclists or pedestrians 
  • 4 percent of fatalities involved crashes with stationary objects such as trees 

There is conflicting research on whether Uber and other ride-hailing services are statistically safer than taxis and alternative modes of transport. Safety may be “at the heart of everything” Uber does, according to their CEO, but deadly accidents still happen. 

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Uber drivers arrested after deadly crashes 

Uber may be doing a number of things right in terms of driver screening and safety precautions, but recent headlines paint a different story. 

  • A North Carolina Uber driver is presently facing charges of misdemeanor death of a passenger in east Charlotte. The victim, age 40, was ejected from the car when the driver lost control, ran off the road and hit a utility pole. Investigations are still underway, and in the interim, the Uber driver has been banned for life. 
  • On March 6, 2020, a 27-year old Uber driver from Orlando, Florida was charged with killing his passenger while driving drunk. Haines City Police conducted a two-month investigation and discovered the driver had methamphetamine in his blood and his vehicle at the time of the fatal accident. 

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Anyone who uses Uber should expect their drivers to be sober and fully competent behind the wheel. Reckless, distracted and drunk driving can cost a life, or result in serious injury. 

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