What To Do if You Are in an Uber Accident

What To Do if You Are in an Uber Accident

The first step in an accident is to check yourself over for injuries. The next step is to contact emergency responders and offer aid to others if possible. The third step is to contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.  

What to do when the unexpected occurs 

Uber drivers are screened before accepting their positions. They have good driving records and tend to be alert and dedicated to customer satisfaction.  

That being said, they’re just as human as you and me. They get tired, forget important facts, and make mistakes. When these problems occur behind the wheel, accidents can result. Chances are you’ll have little or no notice that an auto crash is coming. This means it’s up to you to react quickly when the unexpected occurs. Here are seven things to remember: 

  1. Your health comes first: Check yourself over to make sure you’re uninjured and able to move about. In most cases, it’s a good idea to exit the vehicle, as long as you’re able to do so without injuring yourself.  
  2. You should always contact emergency responders: Do so even if no one is injured. At the very least, you’ll need a police report for your records and to use when dealing with insurance companies. 
  3. Avoid arguments and confrontations: Emotions often overcome common sense after an accident. This may lead the other parties to act confrontationally. Stay calm and wait for emergency responders to arrive. They will handle the situation. 
  4. Make as many notes as possible: A smartphone voice recording app is an excellent way to do this. You should also take pictures and make videos at the accident scene if you can. Remember to stay away from oncoming road traffic at all times.   
  5. Tell emergency medical personnel about any symptoms you notice: What seems like minor discomfort at the time can quickly turn into a serious medical condition. Your doctor can’t treat problems he or she doesn’t know about. 
  6. Avoid talking to insurance adjustors until after you receive legal counsel: All too often, accident victims forego the help a skilled law firm can provide during tough times. This is a shame because everyone needs sound legal advice after suffering an injury. 

Can I sue Uber directly? 

Uber drivers are independent contractors, so your chances of successfully suing the company itself are slim. However, the help of a skilled attorney can help you to get the highest possible compensation from the at-fault party in the collision. 

Uber drivers typically carry up to $1 million in coverage while they’re logged into the Uber app and actively seeking customers.  Which insurer is responsible for issuing your compensation will depend on who was actually at fault in the accident. Uber drivers carry uninsured motorist protection.  So you can feel confident about being covered. 

What type of law firm do I need? 

Auto accident cases require an attorney with specific training in personal injury law. Here are some specifics to look for: 

  • An open record of successful outcomes: The best way to gauge this is to consider the amount of money the firm’s attorneys have recovered for their clients. For example, the attorneys here at Ellis Injury Law have recovered more than $350 million over the years. 
  • A proactive approach to the other side: You can count on insurance companies and at-fault parties to watch out for themselves. You want an attorney who will be just as aggressive as them. 
  • The ability to uncover crucial facts: You need a law firm with strong investigative skills since Uber accident lawyer cases are often won or lost on tiny bits of evidence.  

Once you consider these factors, we’re confident you’ll choose Ellis Injury Law to represent you. Remember, you want to find a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer that you can trust.