What Happens if an Uber Driver Hits You?

What Happens if an Uber Driver Hits You?

Uber drivers are required to carry insurance at all times. The company provides supplemental coverage for accidents that occur when the driver is logged into the Uber app.  

Coverage amounts range from $50,000.00 to $1 million. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you to get the full compensation you deserve. 

Total coveragejust in case 

Uber provides a valuable service to its customers while helping thousands of people to earn extra cash. But the company has become so popular that many people worry if it’s doing more harm than good. 

One area of particular concern is public safety.  More drivers spending more time behind the wheel means a greater risk of accidents. This concern is amplified by high-profile stories of Uber drivers who have been involved in devastating car crashes.  

To its credit, Uber has been working to address these problems. One step it has taken is to offer supplemental insurance to all of its drivers. Here’s how the coverage works: 

  • The insurance becomes active as soon as the driver logs into the company app: At all other times, the contractor is “off the clock” and covered by his or her own personal policy. 
  • The insurance provides coverage of up to $50,000 for collisions that occur when the driver is not fulfilling a ride request: In other words, the driver is logged into the app but not serving a customer at the time the wreck occurs. 
  • Coverage increases to $1 million for accidents that occur during a ride request: This means that the driver is either transporting a customer at the time of the wreck or is on his or her way to do so.  

How to file a claim with Uber’s insurer 

Like all insurance, the claim is paid out by the company that represents the at-fault motorist. This means you can’t collect from the Uber driver’s coverage if you were the one who caused the wreck.  

If, however, the Uber driver was the one at fault, then you have every right to file a claim for damages. This is true whether you were the driver of the other car, a passenger in the vehicle, or a pedestrian on the street who got hit.  

Can you sue Uber directly? Probably not  

Uber drivers are classified by the IRS as independent contractors, not employees. This limits the company’s liability for the actions of its drivers.  

You can, of course, pursue a case against the driver directly. But most Uber contractors are either students or other people with limited financial means. So your chances of getting a reasonable amount of compensation are rather slim. 

How to get the compensation you deserve when you’ve been injured in an Uber crash 

Besides filing a claim with the proper insurer, you should also contact a capable law firm as soon as possible. Here’s why: 

  • To make sure that no stone is left unturned: The causes of an auto crash are not always obvious. It takes a skilled legal and investigative professional to determine whether automaker defects or other factors contributed to your suffering.  
  • To get the respectful treatment you deserve: Unfortunately, money sometimes brings out the worst in people. Insurance companies may pressure you to accept a token settlement unless you have an attorney on your side.   
  • To prevent needless worry: A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will work hard to spare you from unhealthy anxiety and stress, helping you to focus on feeling better. 

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