How Many Deaths Has Uber Caused?

How Many Deaths Has Uber Caused?

How common are Uber accidents? Some might argue that its safer to get into an Uber than it is to get behind the wheel of your own car, especially if you’ve been drinking. Uber accidents are highly publicized, potentially making the situation seem worse than it really is.  

According to a report released by Uber itself, Uber accidents caused 107 total deaths in 2017 and 2018 combined. Uber created the report by compiling internal crash reports made by drivers, riders and insurance companies.  

It is important to note that Uber’s definition of an “Uber accident” might be different than that of a victim. According to Uber, an accident is only Uber-related when it occurs in the period of time between a driver is on his way to pick up an Uber rider and dropping that rider off. In other words, those 107 deaths only include those that occurred when an Uber driver was en route to a pickup or during an active ride.  

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General accident statistics and Uber  

While there are many accidents caused because of Uber drivers, Uber isn’t all bad. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Stonehill and Providence Colleges, researchers found that ride-sharing apps like Uber have led to reductions in DUIs and accidents in general by 15% to 62%, depending on the area.  

While there are other factors that may have influenced these reductions in DUIs and accidents such as a lowered access to alcohol and stricter street monitoring, it can be argued that ridesharing apps are adding another option besides public transportation for riders to get from one place to another in a safer way.  

Uber itself also states that its app has led to a 16% reduction in traffic fatalities, as reported by the same Stonehill and Providence study, leading to as many as 500 lives saved every year in DUI deaths alone all across the country.  

Not just accidents  

These statistics of Uber’s benefits for traffic accidents, DUIs and fatalities are still in their early stages, though they do paint a pretty picture of Uber and other ridesharing apps.  

However, accidents and fatalities are not the only things Uber riders need to be worried about. As reported by CNN, there have been 103 instances of Uber drivers being accused of sexual abuse or assault to date, giving many female riders pause before they hop in an Uber.  

Uber presents a counterargument that they work hard to protect the safety of their riders. Uber does perform background checks on all potential drivers to check for histories of drug-related, violent, or sexual crimes to try and screen for those that would pose a threat to riders. The company also immediately suspends all drivers that are accused of violence against a rider. 

Uber also holds drivers to similar safe driving standards. Uber drivers are required to maintain a clean driving record. In fact, potential drivers must have had three or fewer traffic citations or accidents on their record over the last three years in order to be considered.  

Fight for your rights  

Though Uber is taking steps to keep riders safe from accidents and other dangers, sometimes these steps aren’t enough. If you a loved one passed away in an Uber accident you have a legal right to seek compensation from the liable parties, be it the driver or Uber itself.  

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