How Does Uber Investigate Drivers?

How Does Uber Investigate Drivers?

Uber will conduct its own internal investigation of any driver reported having been in a car accident. Uber will also investigate drivers accused of inappropriate or unlawful activities, such as unwanted sexual advances and assault. However, the way in which Uber investigates drivers is shrouded in mystery, perhaps because of the company’s strenuous efforts to avoid legal liability stemming from its drivers’ actions. It’s always in the best interests of affected passengers to immediately report incidents to the police, and then to arrange for legal representation. At Ellis Injury Law, our car accident lawyers are experienced with handling Uber-related incidents. 

What happens when Uber receives an incident report 

Passengers of Uber rides can submit complaints directly through the app. These complaints run the gamut from allegations of sexual assault and kidnapping to car accidents. Serious complaints, including car accident cases, are routed to the team located in the Bank of America Tower in downtown Phoenix. Here, a team consisting of nearly 80 specially trained Uber workers is responsible for fielding all sorts of serious complaints. 

The agents review the submitted complaints and then potentially call the passenger directly to obtain more information. The goal of a car accident investigation is to determine whether the Uber driver may have been at fault for the crash. This will determine where the compensation will come from. 

Uber’s investigative shortcomings 

Passengers should never rely on Uber alone to investigate a crash. According to an investigation by The Washington Post, these specially trained Uber workers have been strictly instructed to prioritize the company ahead of the welfare of the passengers. Their ultimate goal is to protect Uber from legal liability. Because Uber’s position is that it is not responsible for anything its (contract, non-employee) drivers do, its workers are strictly forbidden to urge passengers to contact the police—even if a felony may have been committed.  

Uber’s workers are also forbidden from urging victims to seek legal counsel from an attorney. The Uber workers that The Washington Post spoke with admitted that they had been told they could be reprimanded or fired if they urged victims to contact police or an attorney, or if the workers themselves reported possible crimes to the police. 

Uber passengers should not rely on the company’s internal investigation 

Uber’s internal investigation procedures are little known and questionable. It’s unclear whether the company makes an effort to obtain police reports and other evidence unless the passenger or the passenger’s attorney supplies them. In addition, Uber has an insurance policy in place for its drivers that may payout if the Uber driver is found at fault for the accident. However, it isn’t in the insurance carrier’s best interests to offer reasonable settlements.  

Passengers can best protect themselves by immediately reporting an accident to the police, and then connecting with a qualified lawyer who understands the complexities of Uber-related incidents. Your car accident lawyer can help you seek maximum compensation under Uber’s insurance policy. He or she can conduct a comprehensive investigation and gather the needed evidence that Uber’s investigation may have overlooked. 

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