Can Uber Drivers Speed?

Can Uber Drivers Speed?

Uber drivers fall under the same driving laws as every other driver in Los Angeles, including speed laws. As per California state law, all drivers, including Uber drivers, should not speed. However, just because they shouldn’t doesn’t mean they don’t.  

Uber drivers sometimes break traffic laws, like speed requirements, and these violations can lead to accidents. If you or someone you love were injured in an accident because of a speeding Uber driver you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to an Uber accident lawyer from Ellis Injury Law to learn more.  

Common causes of Uber accidents  

While there are many factors that can contribute to Uber accidents, the most common include: 

  • Speeding – Most Uber drivers don’t earn much money, so they might feel pressure to complete rides quickly by speeding. Furthermore, the quicker an Uber driver completes a ride the quicker he can move onto the next fare. 
  • Fatigue – There are a lot of incentives for Uber drivers to work long hours, often leaving them overtired.  
  • Distraction – Uber drivers do a lot on the Uber app, from checking traffic and GPS location to finding new riders. Therefore, Uber drivers can be easily distracted while driving.  
  • Bad Vehicle Maintenance – Since the more Uber drivers work the more money they make; some drivers don’t keep up with vehicle maintenance as they don’t want to miss hours of work by taking their car to the shop.  
  • Driving Under the Influence – While Uber does have a zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drivers may do it anyway.  

These are just a few of the potential causes of Uber accidents. You have a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and losses sustained in an Uber accident, no matter what the exact cause.  

Uber’s attempts to stop driver speeding  

As driver speeding is a big contributing factor to Uber accidents, Uber has taken steps to help reduce speeding and other bad driving behavior. One major step is releasing an in-app program that monitors driver speed, distraction, texting and slamming on the brakes.  

The new program uses the driver’s smartphone motion sensors to track the vehicle’s motions. Drivers receive a daily summary of their driving patterns including how often they brake harshly or go over the speed limit. The Uber app now also offers real-time speed notifications if the driver exceeds the local posted speed limit by more than 15 miles per hour.  

Uber says that this new monitoring program is not and will not be used to penalize drivers, but rather to give drivers helpful information to improve their performance and passenger ratings. It should be noted, however, Uber does penalize drivers whose ratings fall below the local standard.  

Uber passenger rights  

You, as an Uber passenger, have the right to a safe ride. If your Uber driver is speeding, you should report it on the Uber app through their help screen or leave the driver a low rating with speed being the explanation.  

If your Uber driver caused an accident in which you were injured, you have a legal right to seek compensation. California state law mandates that all drivers have at least $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 for property damage in insurance to help cover compensation for accident victims. 

These numbers are relatively low, meaning that victims are often left without enough compensation to cover their losses and injuries. That is where an Uber accident lawsuit comes in.  

Uber accident lawyers can help 

Some accident victims end up being fully covered and compensated by standard insurance. However, victims of more serious accidents often deserve more compensation and thereby further require the assistance of an Uber accident attorney. A lawyer will represent you and your best interests throughout your case, from investigation and analyzing the evidence to negotiating settlements and representing you in court.  

Ellis Injury Law Uber lawyers have the experience necessary to work towards the best possible outcome for you and your case. Our multi-million-dollar track record speaks for itself. Please reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.