Can I Sue Uber for an Accident?

Can I Sue Uber for an Accident?

Rideshare programs like Uber have changed the way we get around. However, it has also brought up questions and concerns regarding safety, qualified drivers, and who is liable if an accident occurs.  

Can I sue Uber? 

If you’ve been a part of an accident involving an Uber, determining who to sue could be trickier than you think. The bottom line is, yes, you can file a lawsuit against someone for the injuries you incurred during the accident, but you will need to rely on an experienced Uber accident attorney to determine whether that’s Uber, the driver, another party, or a mixture between two or three of them.  

If you’ve been involved in an Uber accident, don’t wait for legal consultation. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Uber accident lawyers to see if you have a case worth pursuing.  

What you can sue for  

There are many losses that can occur during and after an accident, so whether you are filing a claim against Uber, the Uber driver, or against another neglectful third party, you do have a right to request reparations for those losses. Some of the most common things people sue for after an Uber accident are: 

  • Medical bills resulting from accident 
  • Cost of medical equipment and ongoing care 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Death of a loved one 
  • Funeral and memorial costs 
  • A decrease in quality of life 
  • Property damage 
  • Lost wages or lost employment  
  • Cost of childcare or household chores 

There may be more you can include in your Uber lawsuit pending on the details of your case. Call an Ellis Injury Law attorney to find out what you can fight for. Our personal injury lawyers have helped win more than $350 million for our clients and will fight to get you the maximum settlement.  

What to do if you were involved in an Uber accident 

The steps you take following an accident can be extremely important to the outcome of your health and your lawsuit. Knowing what steps to take following an accident, including an Uber accident, is tremendously useful information. 

If you’ve been in an accident that involves an Uber driver, whether you were the driver, passenger, or a third party, follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure everyone is alright 
  2. Contact emergency vehicles if necessary 
  3. Seek medical attention and save all paperwork 
  4. Call your personal injury lawyer 
  5. Report the accident to Uber using the “report” feature in its app 
  6. Avoid talking to any insurance agents  
  7. If possible, collect witness statements and contact information 
  8. Take photos of the accident  
  9. Follow instructions provided by your Uber accident lawyer 

Calling a lawyer directly after any accident can help ensure that you protect yourself and your interests by not unknowingly admitting fault, accepting less than you deserve, missing critical evidence, or jeopardizing your future case in any other way.  

Suing Uber as a driver 

If you’re an Uber driver and were involved in an accident, you may also be eligible to collect from the company. Certain stipulations do apply though: your app needs to be active, either en-route or waiting to pick-up passengers. How much Uber will cover for your accident depends on your current driving status at the time of the accident.  

  • Waiting for a ride request: Uber does cover a portion of your third-party liability if your personal insurance doesn’t. However, accessing this money may sometimes be tricky and could result in a fight between you and two insurance companies. Hiring a lawyer who is experienced in working with insurance agencies and big corporations can help get what you need to cover your medical expenses and other losses.  
  • Picking up drivers or completing a tripUber kicks in more insurance when you have passengers in your car or you’re on your way to pick them up. This insurance helps to cover you, your vehicle, your passengers, and anyone else involved in the accident. However, insurance companies can sometimes offer the minimum or find loopholes to avoid big payouts. Having proper legal representation will help you get your maximum compensation.   

If you were not “working” at the time of your accident—the app was off or you were not listed as available, you may still be eligible to collect losses from your personal insurance company or from a third party. Either way, contact our experienced car accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law for a free consultation to see what your rights are.  

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