What Should I Expect Physically After a Slip and Fall Accident?

What Should I Expect Physically After a Slip and Fall Accident?

The injuries that can follow a slip and fall accident can vary. Unfortunately, these injuries often result in devastating symptoms that can last for years. Whether your injuries are minor or severe, you can expect a number of symptoms immediately after a fall.  

It may not be immediately apparent how severe your injuries are. You could find yourself experiencing minor pain and stiffness on the day of the fall, only to discover your injuries are significantly worse in the days that follow. A Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer could advise you on whether you have the right to pursue compensation after a fall accident.  

Common slip and fall injuries 

The specific physical symptoms you experience after a fall will depend in large part on the nature of your injuries. For example, your experience will be very different if you suffer broken bones compared to a minor sprain. Some of the most common injuries in a slip and fall accident could include:  

You could experience pain and stiffness right away 

If you have suffered an injury in a fall, you could experience some of the symptoms of that injury right away. Pain and soreness frequently occur immediately after a fall, especially in cases of acute injuries like broken bones or ankle sprains.  

When soft tissue damage occurs, stiffness and inflammation are quick to follow. Muscle stiffness might not occur right away, but it can creep in during the hours following an injury. This symptom is especially common the morning following an injury.  

Even if pain and stiffness are your only symptoms, it is likely worth your time to seek medical assistance right away. These symptoms can be a precursor to more serious injuries, especially as your adrenaline from the accident fades. Following a discussion with your doctor, seek out the guidance of experienced slip & fall attorneys right away.  

Some of your symptoms might not develop immediately 

It can take some time for you to physically experience some of the side effects of a slip and fall injury. Some injuries only become apparent hours later, while others might not be obvious for days or even weeks.  

One of the primary reasons you might immediately notice your injury is due to the adrenaline your body produces in high-stress situations. When you are in an accident, your adrenaline can mask the effects of your injury for several hours. This does not mean the injury is not there, it only means that you cannot yet experience the pain and other symptoms. Over time, your symptoms will manifest as your adrenaline wears off.  

Other injuries are known for taking time to manifest. The most common among these are traumatic brain injuries. A traumatic brain injury can have a host of symptoms, from chronic pain to shifts in personality. Some symptoms related to cognitive issues might not manifest for weeks, months, or even years following the injury. The good news is that aggressive medical intervention could identify these injuries before serious symptoms develop.  

Do not delay in speaking with an attorney about your slip and fall accident 

You should avoid any delays when seeking medical care following a slip and fall injury. The same is true when it comes to seeking the guidance of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the stronger your potential injury claim could be. Reach out to the team at Ellis Injury Law right away to discuss your options during a free consultation