What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall at Work?

What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall at Work?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including at work. These falls have the potential to lead to severe bodily injury. Should you fall at work, the steps you take after your accident are important.  

Whether your fall occurred due to a slick floor or a broken step, you could face significant financial complications from your injuries. After you seek medical care for your injuries, it could benefit you to speak with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. Before you talk to an attorney, consider taking the following steps.  

Seek medical treatment 

You should always seek medical care for a fall-related injury at work—even if that injury seems minor. Your health should be your first priority. Even seemingly minor injuries could worsen without medical care, making a trip to the doctor vital.  

Most companies also have internal policies that require immediate medical treatment for workplace injuries. Large companies might even have a nurse on-site, ready to assist with first aid. Others might have arrangements with specific clinics or healthcare providers.  

You should also keep records of your medical care. From copies of your x-ray scans to photos of your injuries, these records could come in handy for your slip & fall attorneys if you pursue an injury claim in the future.  

Report the accident 

Most employers have requirements for reporting workplace injuries to a superior. While this should never take precedence over your need for emergency care, you should inform a supervisor of a workplace injury as soon as possible.  

This is not only important to ensure you comply with your conditions of employment. Reporting an accident is also an important step in building an injury claim. In some cases, your employer will simply make a report. Other employers might require you to fill out a series of forms. It is important during this step not to accept blame for your accident or report that you suffered no injuries.  

Document evidence 

Immediately after a fall at work, it could benefit your case to investigate the circumstances of your accident right away. In many cases, the hazard that resulted in your fall might not be present for long. Identifying what caused your fall right away is in your best interest, as it may not be possible to determine the cause in the future. Some of the most common causes of fall injuries at work include: 

  • Unmarked wet floors 
  • Dim or inadequate lighting 
  • Broken stairs or handrails 
  • Clutter or junk on the floor, representing a tripping hazard 
  • Potholes in outdoor areas 
  • Bunched carpet 
  • Cracked sidewalks 
  • Uneven flooring 
  • Spilled food or drink 

These are only a few of the hazards that could bring about a fall at your workplace. While some falls are unavoidable, others could have been easily prevented by careful action by your employer.  

Talk to an attorney about your workplace fall 

While it is true that most workplace injuries are covered by workers’ compensation benefits, it is worth noting that not every workplace fall will qualify. When these benefits are not available, your only chance of recovery is through a personal injury lawsuit.  

The team at Ellis Injury Lawyers knows the challenges that come with a workplace injury. Missing a paycheck is difficult enough without the potential for conflict with your employer. Leave your claim in the hands of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys will carefully evaluate your case and advise you on whether a personal injury lawsuit is possible. By relying on our extensive experience, we will fight for your rights are protected during this challenging time. Call today to schedule your free consultation with Ellis Injury Law