How Much is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

How Much is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

The value of a slip and fall case depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your injuries and whether you have been permanently disabled. In general, the more severe your injuries are, the greater the compensation might be. For example, a person who falls down the stairs and breaks several bones can generally expect greater compensation than a person who slips on flat ground and twists an ankle. Every case is a little different, and so it’s necessary to consult an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer to get a ballpark estimate for how much your personal injury case might be worth. 

There is no set-in-stone formula for calculating damages in a slip and fall case. However, at Ellis Injury Law, we offer free case reviews to allow our slip and fall lawyers to become familiar with the circumstances and develop a general estimate of how much the case could be worth. 

Compensation for medical expenses 

An injured victim’s medical expenses often comprise a large percentage of available compensation. Even if you have health insurance, you might find yourself being billed thousands of dollars for medical expenses such as diagnostic testing, surgical intervention, hospitalization, and intravenous medications.  

After you’ve been discharged from the hospital, you’ll likely have additional expenses, such as pharmacy co-pays, mobility aids, physical therapy, and follow-up doctor’s visits. Be sure to retain all of your receipts and any other documentation regarding your medical treatments and expenses. Your lawyer will need copies. 

Compensation for lost wages and loss of earning capacity 

Slip and fall victims who are severely injured may be out of work for weeks, if not months. Even if you’re self-employed, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your lost wages. In addition, it’s not uncommon for severely injured individuals to sustain permanent partial or total disabilities that affect their future earning capacity. At Ellis Injury Law, we’ll aggressively pursue compensation for the wages you would have earned if not for your injuries. 

Compensation for non-economic losses 

The damages available for a personal injury claim fall into two main categories: economic and non-economic. Economic losses include those discussed above. These are objectively calculable dollar figures. In contrast, non-economic losses are rather subjective. They include damages for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and so on.  

It is difficult to develop an estimate for a person’s non-economic losses, but in general, the more severe the physical injuries are, the greater the non-economic compensation could be. In some states, there is a legal cap, or limit, placed on the amount of non-economic damages that a plaintiff may recover. However, California law only caps pain and suffering damages in specific cases, such as medical malpractice. No such cap exists for slip and fall cases. 

How to maximize your compensation 

The personal injury team at Ellis Injury Law will handle the bulk of the work for your case. However, there are a few things we’ll need you to do in order to optimize your chances of securing maximum compensation. First, it’s critical to seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible after your slip and fall incident, even if you’re not sure whether you’re seriously injured. Second, follow your doctor’s discharge instructions to the letter, and be sure to attend all of your follow-up medical appointments. 

Your lawyer will need to be updated every time your situation changes, such as if your doctor informs you that you’ll need a new surgery or if you develop a new medical complication related to the accident. Lastly, it’s always a good idea to take a vacation from social media when you have a lawsuit pending, even if you have strict privacy settings enabled. The defendant’s legal team could look for ways of using your social media posts against you. 

Schedule a free consult to review your slip and fall case 

Everyone’s situation involves a unique set of circumstances. To get an estimate of how much your personal injury case might be worth, you can request a free case review with the slip & fall attorneys at Ellis Injury Law. Our legal team has recovered well over $350 million in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our injured clients. We take pride in delivering aggressive legal representation while providing compassionate service to our clients. Injured individuals throughout Southern California are invited to contact our law firm at 888.997.3132 to schedule a consult with our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer