Do I Need an Expert Witness for My Slip and Fall Case?

Do I Need an Expert Witness for My Slip and Fall Case?

Whether you need an expert witness for your slip and fall case depends on whether other evidence is available. If surveillance video recorded the fall, or if there were eyewitnesses, you may not need an expert witness. If no one saw your fall and there is no other evidence, an expert witness is invaluable. 

Most slip and fall cases are settled. Of the small percentage that goes to trial, expert witnesses are almost always involved. In a civil lawsuit, expert witness testimony can make all the difference in the jury’s decision. Such witnesses provide evidence that the property owner or management was negligent in the maintenance of the property. They can also testify as to what the property owner should have done to prevent or remedy the situation.  

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Types of expert witnesses  

The type of expert witness you might need depends on the circumstances of the fall. A slip & fall attorney knows the type of witnesses best suited to the case after their initial investigation.  

However, most cases will involve a medical expert, who can testify regarding the nature of the injuries and how they are connected to the fall. Medical testimony will also include information about treatment types and your prognosis.  

Another economic expert witness is also necessary in most cases. This person calculates how much the victim has lost in wages and benefits due to the injury, as well as expected future medical expenses relating to the claim. Some victims may no longer have the ability to work in their former jobs after a slip and fall, while others may prove unable to work at all. Calculations are based on age, education, career trajectory, skills, and other factors.  

If the fall occurred because the building was not up to code, a building code inspector may testify as an expert witness. This witness may testify about how such code violations contributed to the fall. A structural engineer is a similar expert witness in such cases. 

Wet floors are responsible for a large percentage of slip and fall accidents. If the incident occurred in a retail or commercial building, a flooring expert may serve as an expert witness. This expert can explain how slippery floor safety is determined by the mathematical calculation of the coefficient of the fraction. When a floor has a low coefficient of fraction, it is more slippery and less safe.  

An accident reconstruction specialist uses scientific evidence to determine how the fall occurred.  The reconstruction will show how the plaintiff is responsible for the injury.  

Slip and fall lawyers will have a network of experts who can help their clients make their case. Such experts are difficult, if not impossible, for most clients to find on their own. These experts are the most qualified and credible in their respective fields.  

Slip and fall damages  

Damages, or compensation, for a slip and fall accident may include: 

  • Medical expenses, current, and future 
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of future income 
  • Pain and suffering 

The statute of limitations for filing a slip and fall lawsuit in California is two years from the date of the accident.  

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