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Los Angeles Police Shooting Lawsuit Results in $1.5 Million Settlement for Victim’s Family

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July 29, 2014

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The Ellis Law Firm is proud to announce its role in effectuating a $1.5 million settlement on behalf of the family members of Arturo Cabrales – a 22-year old man unlawfully slain by an L.A. County sheriff’s deputy. We are gratified to have served such a positive role in the distribution of justice, and we hope that the outcome of this case sends a strong and clear message that law officers in Los Angeles will be held accountable for excessive and illegal conduct.

When cops overstep the bounds of the law they are sworn to protect, justice is the right of victims. If you or a loved one has been the victim of LAPD harassment, brutality or an unlawful shooting, we urge you to contact a personal injury attorney at Ellis Law as soon as possible for a no-charge, no-obligation consultation about your case.

Details of the Cabrales wrongful death lawsuit

In an unbelievable set of facts, 22-year old Cabrales was fatally wounded by L.A. County deputy sheriff Anthony Paez. A member of the brute police clique known as The Regulators, Paez opened fire on Cabrales as the latter was fleeing on foot – unarmed. With the aid of a team of Ellis Law attorneys, the surviving family members of the victim finally settled the matter, which occurred in March of 2012, with the sheriff’s office late last week, pending approval by the county Board of Supervisors.

The fatal conflict began with Paez approaching the property of Cabrales, demanding entry without the requisite warrant. Following Cabrales’ objections, Paez addressed him using “foul, offensive and intimidating language.” Paez further attempted to inform Cabrales that a warrant was not required, and proceeded to force his way through the gate of the Cabrales home. At that point, Cabrales turned to run, prompting Paez to open fire as he fled. Paez fired his weapon an untold number of times – and struck Cabreles with a total of six shots.

Following the incident, it was alleged that Paez and other deputy officers had devised a cover-up of the shooting, including a false report of the details of the altercation. According to Paez’s fellow deputy Julio Martinez, who is alleged to have participated in an elaborate falsification of events, Cabrales was the original aggressor and possessed a firearm during the conflict – which he allegedly tossed over a fence while fleeing.

Despite the fact that a firearm was discovered on a neighboring property, the medical examiner’s testimony revealed it would have been physically impossible for the decedent to have thrown the gun to that location.

Personal injury lawyer Andrew Ellis summed up the settlement best, stating: “There’s a sense of vindication on behalf of the family….It’s also a sense of relief.”

Follow-up investigation reveals widespread misconduct

Following the incident between deputy Paez and victim Artura Cabrales, investigations revealed further allegations of on-the-job misconduct by Paez and Martinez. According to reports, both officers were charged with conspiracy and perjury after allegations surfaced suggesting the duo planted firearms at a medical marijuana dispensary in order to justify an arrest of certain employees. While the results of that case are currently pending, both officers have been relieved of their duties as of February, 2013.

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