What is the Difference Between Post-Concussion Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury?
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What is the Difference Between Post-Concussion Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury?

Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) is essentially a milder form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  

No matter what term you apply to the condition, the patient should receive immediate medical care. Talking to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney is an important step as well. 

Understanding brain and skull injuries 

Many of us go through life without fully appreciating the near-miraculous abilities of the human brain. Our cherished memories, irreplaceable knowledge, and personal experiences are all made possible by the amazing organ between our ears. 

Yet the human brain is not only wondrous, but it’s also delicate. Hundreds of thousands of Americans learn this fact for themselves each year after suffering a brain or skull injury.  

The blanket medical term for these accidents is “concussion.” It refers to any trauma in which the brain is tossed back and forth within the skull. Common symptoms of a concussion include: 

  • Confusion: The victim may have trouble forming thoughts, recalling basic facts about him or herself, or being aware of the surrounding environment. 
  • Drowsiness or dizziness: Concussion patients are in serious danger of losing consciousness. Left untreated, they may slip into a coma. 
  • Nausea or vomiting: Caused by impeded blood flow to the brain. 
  • Emotional agitation: One of the brain’s chief duties is to regulate emotions. It’s less able to perform this important task when it’s suffering the effects of an injury. The victim may express feelings such as anger, hostility, fear, or irritation.  
  • Head pain: Typically, the brain begins to swell during a concussion. This can lead to severe headaches.  

Sometimes these symptoms persist for an extended period of time after the accident. Doctors refer to this problem as “post-concussion syndrome (PCS).” Risk factors for this condition include: 

  • Age: PCS is more common among older adults and young children. 
  • Accident severity: PCS is more likely to occur in cases of severe or multiple impacts to the skull. 
  • Prior medical history: People with a history of migraines, seizures, or other neurological symptoms are more susceptible to PCS. 

The relationship between PCS and TBI 

The effects of both TBI and PCS range from mild, passing symptoms to moderate, long-term problems. Obtaining the best possible outcome takes the help of skilled medical and rehabilitative professionals. 

Treatment options for PCS and TBI 

Treatment for post-concussion syndrome and TBI are contingent on the severity of the diagnosis. Generally, however, the first step in treating victims of PCS and TBI is simply resting. The brain needs time to undo the damage caused by the accident.  

During recovery, the person may not act like his or her old self for a while. Usually, this is simply part of the healing process. 

Eventually, the victim’s healthcare provider may recommend various forms of therapy such as medication, brain training exercises, counseling, and retraining/reeducation. While it may take time, most victims of PCS and TBI are able to make a full recovery and go on to lead happy productive lives. 

Paying for the care you need 

The type of care needed to treat conditions like PCS and TBI doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, insurance companies and at-fault parties sometimes put personal financial concerns ahead of doing what’s right for accident victims. 

That’s where an LA personal injury lawyer comes into the picture. He or she can help you to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, medical treatment, and related expenses.  

But how do you choose the right law firm for your needs? Here’s what to look for: 

  • A no-cost consultation policy: Any law firm worthy of your time will offer free consultations and work on contingency. This means you’ll never have to pay out-of-pocket fees to receive the legal help you need. 
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