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Ellis Injury Law is an award-winning law firm. We have 20 California locations serving clients from San Bernardino to Orange County. Recognized for their landmark trial victories and tremendous work ethic, our lawyers are focused on one objective: achieving justice and fair compensation for clients. Over the past 25 years, our talented team has honed their skills both in and out of the courtroom, producing exceptional case results for clients throughout the state of California. We are honored to provide superior legal representation to those who have suffered serious and catastrophic injury through no fault of their own.

Anaheim Personal Injury Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful Personal Injury Lawyers in California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who have a personal injury case. http://ellisinjurylaw.com.

Our top-notch litigators welcome the opportunity to tackle a wide range of complex matters. We’ve successfully handled cases of elder abuse, police brutality, product liability and workplace accidents – even when pitted against well-heeled defendants like local government, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and revered institutions.

We will never let you settle on a low-ball offer that does not reflect the losses you have sustained. Our attorneys are prepared to take your case all the way to trial to ensure the highest recovery possible.

Our satisfied clients come from all walks of life. Teachers, construction workers, Silicon Valley executives and day-laborers have all turned to Ellis Law for aggressive advocacy. We treat every client with the compassion, respect and honesty they deserve, which fosters life-long relationships that are built on trust and confidence. As your advocate, we are committed to going the extra mile from the moment we take on your case.

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Risk Free Consultation, No Fee Unless We Win

Ellis Law operates on a contingency fee basis, which enables clients to retain a knowledgeable, highly-qualified personal injury attorney with no money out of pocket. In other words, you don’t pay a dime for our legal services unless we recover compensation for your losses. After a settlement or verdict is reached, our attorneys draw their litigation and trial fees from a pre-determined percentage of the award. Our contingency-fee promise means that if we agree to take on your case, we have supreme confidence that we can win it.

We understand the economic strain placed on disabled accident victims as medical bills pile up and mortgages go unpaid, and believe that cost should not prevent clients from receiving excellent legal representation. Our attorneys are available 24/7 for a risk-free consultation.

Types of Cases We Handle

Whether you suffered spinal cord injury in a construction accident, sustained painful burns in a workplace explosion, or were struck by a texting driver, our attorneys have the resources and experience to protect your interests and fight for maximum compensation. People who suffer catastrophic injuries are at increased risk for bankruptcy, job loss, and debilitating depression. We will advocate on your behalf to help heal your emotional wounds and provide the closure you need. We work with injured victims, caregivers, spouses, children and other loved ones with a thirst to see justice served.

We want to see clients recover fully and regain their lives, which is why we work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome. Ellis Law is passionate about defending the rights of the innocent, and represent clients in a broad range of cases. 

Types of Cases our Attorneys Handle

  • Car accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Birth Injury
  • Slip and Fall
  • Construction Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Truck Accidents
  • Elder abuse
  • Motorcycle Accidents

California is one of the most dangerous states for driving, where there are hundreds of uninsured and under insured motorists. Every year, there are more than 3,000 fatalities and countless more injuries that leave victims with broken bones, organ damage, disabling brain or spinal cord trauma, and disfiguring scars. We know that a serious injury can undermine a person’s life, making it impossible to move forward. Our legal team and support staff are poised to help clients focus on what matters most – healing from their injuries and financial losses.

Top Rated Personal Injury Law Firm

Ellis Law has been nationally recognized for their talent, leadership and stellar case results, earning the firm inclusion in the Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, American Board of Trial Attorneys and Super Lawyers. 

The firm’s founder and Senior Partner, Andrew Ellis, has received numerous accolades for his rigorous work ethic, professionalism and exemplary trial expertise, producing a long list of prestigious legal awards, titles and distinctions:

  • Selected for membership in the Lawyers of Distinction Directory
  • Voted ‘Best Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles’ 2017, by Expertise.com
  • National Trial Lawyers Top 100 List
  • Los Angeles’ Best Lawyers for 2016
  • Top Attorneys in Southern California, by the American Registry of Business Excellence

Over the years, Andy Ellis has won over judge and jury with his spirit of relentless determination and commitment to playing fair. Ellis Injury Law is composed of top-of-their-class graduates, former Superior Court law clerks, and award-winning professionals. Before joining the firm, Associate Counsel Britt Karp practiced civil litigation defense, providing invaluable breadth of experience. Ms. Karp, who now specializes in catastrophic injury claims, knows what it takes to construct a strong argument and tear down the opposition.

Attorney Justina G. Ramon is another rising star at Ellis Law Corporation. She boasts extensive experience litigating labor and employment matters, in addition to product liability and serious accident cases.

Ellis Injury Law Review - Client Testimonial - Faulkner See real client reviews of Andy Ellis and Ellis Injury Law, one of the most successful personal injury law firms in Los Angeles.

Our legal team is driven to succeed, and is routinely ranked among the top-rated law firms in California. We give all clients the personal attention they deserve and leverage the credentials and expertise to achieve outstanding results in challenging cases involving all areas of accident and injury law.

Attorneys with Experience to Handle Your Case

Our lawyers bring valuable experience on both sides of the aisle, giving our clients an insider advantage by staying one step ahead of the opponents. If you or a loved one was harmed because of the wrongdoing or negligence of another, choosing the best injury attorney to represent your case is of vital importance. When you partner with Ellis Law, you are working with an elite team of litigators who have an established track record of negotiating six and seven-figure settlements with insurance companies and winning trial after trial before California juries.

Insurance companies have one vested interest: settling as quickly and cheaply as possible. Getting full compensation for your hospital bills, mental anguish, pain and suffering and out-of-pocket expenses depends on the fact-finding skills and tenacity of your attorney. Andy Ellis has an impressive list of trial victories in cases arising from car accidents and premises liability to medical malpractice. Because of Andy’s experience and prowess in the courtroom, insurance adjustors are motivated to settle cases for their maximum amount, knowing full-well that Ellis Law will take the case to court if necessary — and win.

Prior to trial, we conduct in-depth interviews with clients, gleaning intimate details of their accident to present the most compelling argument to the court. Jurors will learn the real story of how your injuries have made simple tasks impossible, taking away your ability to work or play with your children. They will understand that someone else’s negligence has invariably threatened your quality of life – stripping away your family’s financial security. Testimony from leading medical professionals, accident reconstruction experts, and industry specialists advance the credibility of our legal arguments.

Both insurers and well-heeled defendants know that Ellis Law trial attorneys can win the most complex cases – even those involving multiple liable parties. We have decades of experience developing creative strategies that get positive results.

From soft tissue injuries to paralysis and amputation, our legal team has handled the most devastating of accident cases. We understand the life-altering consequences such tragedy entails. We have successfully represented clients hurt by defective products, distracted drivers, fall accidents, and more, ensuring they receive the best medical care and representation available.

Types of Injuries Attorneys Handle

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Construction Injury
  • Spine Injury
  • Quadriplegia Injury
  • Paraplegia Injury
  • Herniated Disc
  • Amputation Injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Head Injury

Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles – Why Choose Ellis Injury Law?

There are many reputable, award-winning law firms in California, so why choose Ellis Injury Law to champion your case? Our firm was founded on the philosophy that the client’s needs always come first. We take our responsibility as your chosen legal advocate seriously, and strive to provide the best services and most effective representation, from preliminary investigations all the way through settlement negotiations or trial. Our accomplishments have garnered accolades in the legal community, and – perhaps even more importantly — the respect and admiration of our clients.

Ellis Law has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, helping them to recover physically, emotionally and financially.  Our accident lawyers serve all of Los Angeles including Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Orange County.

Put the resources and talent of Ellis Law to work for you. With a view toward being the best personal injury law firm in California, we offer clients:

  • A FREE, risk-free case evaluation
  • Personalized service from day one
  • Responsive communication
  • NO FEE promise – unless we recover money in your case
  • Zealous representation from top-tier trial attorneys
  • Treatment from top medical specialists and doctors with no up-front costs
  • Payment for rental vehicle and medical bills
  • Transportation to court and doctor’s appointments
  • Largest settlement value or verdict for your losses
  • In-house network of healthcare experts

With Ellis Law attorneys, your future and that of your family is in capable hands!

What Are the Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Our attorneys have a 99% track record of success when we accept a client’s case. Andy Ellis has been instrumental in recovering more than $350 Million on behalf of clients in a wide range of serious claims, like wrongful death, malpractice, and motor vehicle accident cases. We consider it a privilege to help clients recover fair reparations for their pain and suffering. If we aren’t satisfied with a settlement offer, we take the case to trial. Our chief goal is to obtain the highest settlement value for clients that truly reflects their losses – from hospital expenses and lost income to less tangible elements like emotional distress.

Personal Injury Settlement Examples

A glance at some of our firm’s recent settlements in the LA area demonstrates our dedication to client success:

  • $4.1 Million – Propane explosion              
  • $3 Million – Truck Accident         
  • $1 Million – Birth Injury
  • $ 865,000 – Slip and Fall Accident
  • $ 808,000 – Pedestrian Knock-down
  • $ 750,000 – Truck Accident
  • $ 500,000 – Wrongful Death
  • $ 539,000 — Premises Liability

To see more verdicts and settlements, click results.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer allows injured parties to invest all their energy in recovery, rather than negotiating with insurance companies and filing paperwork in court. A lawyer is a crucial friend in your time of need – one with extensive knowledge, access to resources, and a deep desire to seek justice on your behalf. Successful personal injury law firms like ours work on a contingency basis, meaning you pay no fees unless we recover money on your behalf.

A personal injury lawyer will:

  • Bring years of negotiation experience to the table to ensure insurance companies deal fairly.
  • Help you collect documentation that proves your pain and suffering.
  • Tap extensive resources like private investigators to determine what happened.
  • Use knowledge of the law to uncover layers of liability to hold all responsible parties accountable.
  • Offer advice based on experience of similar settlements and local court decisions.
  • Level the playing field, providing tough representation that goes toe-to-toe with the opposing legal team.
  • Pay all the upfront costs involved in building substantial grounds for compensation.
  • File all the necessary paperwork, motions, and court fees necessary to pursue your case.
  • Subpoena documents, call upon witnesses, and scrutinize the defendant’s testimony.
  • Determine the full extent of your past, present, and future losses with the help of forensic economists.
  • Build a case for you to receive the maximum amount of compensation allowable by law.
  • Advise you on the most reputable local medical providers for your particular injuries.
  • Shield you from debt collectors and help you find local financial resources to get by.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If we believe you have a strong claim for compensation, we take immediate steps to start the legal process, which can ultimately help us maximize recoverable damages under California law. We investigate the accident scene, consult experts, interview witnesses and subpoena medical and police records. Our attorneys take a proactive, detail-oriented approach when assessing the true value of your case.

That said, there are many variables that will affect how much money you can recover after being injured by another party’s negligence. It’s understandable that clients want to know the projected settlement offer or verdict, but each case is unique, and there is no magic formula for calculating this sum. A good rule of thumb is to choose a lawyer who will outline the key factors that influence this outcome, rather than promising a big-figure settlement.

Your answers to the following questions will largely determine how much your personal injury claim is worth:

  • What is the type and severity of your injury?
  • Did you have one or multiple surgeries?
  • Were you partially to blame for the accident?
  • Where did the injury take place?
  • How has the injury negatively affected your life?
  • What is your prognosis for recovery?
  • How much are your past hospital and medical bills?
  • How much lost income (both past and future) is related to your personal injuries?
  • Will you need extensive rehabilitation?
  • Will you be able to return to work?
  • Did you suffer permanent or partial disability or disfigurement?
  • Was a wrongful death involved?
  • Did the liable party violate any laws at the time of the accident?

If the claim or lawsuit is successful, your compensation package may include damages for economic and non-economic losses such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Disability or disfigurement
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Out-of-pocket expenses that resulted from the injury

Placing a fair monetary value on intangibles like “emotional distress” or “loss of enjoyment of life” takes immense skill, as your attorney must demonstrate past and future suffering in a quantifiable way.

Even if you suffered chronic pain injuries that are difficult to prove, never underestimate the value of your claim. Our attorneys possess the determination and knowledge to build a formidable case, and are renowned for achieving swift justice for our clients.

Ellis Law cannot predict your final recovery at the outset, but we can provide the range of settlement amounts procured in similar cases. If you were offered an insurance settlement before retaining counsel, understand that this is likely much lower than the real value of your case.  

What to Do Immediately After a Personal Injury Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a personal injury accident, the health and safety of yourself and others should be the first priority. Take the following steps to protect yourself and your interests:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. Go to the emergency room, a healthcare clinic, or your general physician within 72 hours, if not immediately. Even if you don’t feel terribly injured at first, it’s best to have your injuries assessed and documented right away by a medical professional.
  • Gather immediate evidence, if possible. It’s not always possible to collect evidence in the immediate aftermath of an accident, especially if you are injured. If you can, or if you can enlist the help of a companion, get photos of your injuries and damaged property. With car accidents, try to get multiple angles of the wreck and pictures of any nearby traffic control devices, skid marks, or obstructions that may have factored into the collision. Get the names and contact numbers of any eyewitnesses.
  • Watch what you say about your accident. Resist the urge to post details about the accident on social media. It’s okay to confide in your doctor about what happened and how you’re feeling. Avoid discussing details of the event with anyone on the scene, including the other driver. Never discuss the accident with an opposing attorney or an insurance agent. Something as simple as saying “I’m good” in response to a question like “How are you today?” can be used by the other side to minimize your injuries.
  • Organize evidence and documentation. Collect records and documents of everything that pertains to your case and keep this information in one place, including police reports, doctor visit summaries, prescriptions, therapy records, and a written document detailing your version of what happened before, during, and after the accident to the best of your recollection. It’s a good idea to keep a pain diary of your daily symptoms and limitations, as well as a calendar of all your medical appointments, surgeries, treatments, and rehab sessions.
  • Seek legal representation as soon as possible. The clock starts ticking as soon as you become injured. Every state limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. If you try to pursue a legal claim after the statute of limitations has expired, you may forfeit your right to compensation. It’s never too early to discuss your legal rights with a personal injury lawyer – and since a case review with Ellis Injury Law costs you nothing, why wait?

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California?

Statutes of limitations dictate the amount of time given to file a legal claim for damages. In California, you have two years from the date the harm occurred to file a lawsuit. If the defendant involves a state, county or federal governmental agency, this time limit is usually just six months. After the statute expires, you forfeit your right to bring a claim before the courts. For this reason, injured parties are encouraged to consult with an attorney at Ellis Law as soon as possible.

Determining liability in a personal injury case

Lawsuits are notoriously complex, as plaintiffs must prove the other party’s negligence was the direct cause of their physical pain and suffering. Since establishing liability is pivotal, victims need the financial resources and expertise of a firm that can build the strongest case possible, retain expert witnesses and argue your case before a jury, should settlement offers fall short.  At Ellis Law, we understand how important the success of your claim is to both you and your family, as a favorable jury verdict or settlement can alleviate your monetary troubles while achieving some measure of justice.

A glance at some of our firm’s recent settlements in the LA area demonstrates our dedication to client success:

  • $4.1 million settlement arising from a product liability claim in which the plaintiff suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns and scarring from a defective propane tank hose.
  • $107,000 settlement negotiated for a Los Angeles slip and fall victim who incurred $49,625 in medical bills after she fell on a sunken sidewalk, sustaining wrist, shoulder and knee injuries.
  • $320,000 settlement procured in a pedestrian knock-down accident, where a man crossing a sidewalk on his electric scooter was hit by a negligent bus driver.
  • $185,000 recovered in a premises liability settlement for an LA man who fell into an unmarked hole in the sidewalk, twisting his leg badly. He suffered serious back injuries and lost $5,400 in earnings due to his time off work.

What Constitutes Negligence in California?

California law provides that individuals or entities are responsible for injuries caused by their negligence. “Negligence” is a legal term that describes actions (or a failure to act) that falls below an ordinary standard of care. For example, a patron who slips and breaks her hip on a wet supermarket floor may have a claim for negligence if the owner did not dry the spill or warn customers. Any legal claim based on negligence involves a violation of a legal duty owed by the defendant to the injured person.

California Civil Code 1714 states: “Everyone is responsible, not only for the result of his or her willful acts, but also for an injury occasioned to another by his or her want of ordinary care or skill in the management of his or her property or person, except so far as the latter has, willfully or by want of ordinary care, brought the injury upon himself or herself.”

Plaintiffs must establish the following four elements to plead a cause of action for negligence:

  1. Duty – The defendant owed a duty to use “ordinary care” in conducting activities from which injury might reasonably be expected. For instance, all motorists have a duty to use reasonable care while operating a vehicle.
  2. Breach – The defendant breached their duty of care, either willfully or by accident. In California, this breach may also occur when the defendant violates a statute, such as running a red light and causing a traffic accident. By violating CA Vehicle Code § 21703, the defendant would be negligent per se.
  3. Causation – The defendant’s conduct or inaction directly caused or contributed in some form to the accident and injury. For example, a distracted driver who veers off the road, harming a pedestrian. The driver’s actions would be viewed as causation for the injury event.
  4. Damages – Actual damages were sustained. These damages can include both physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering.

Under California’s comparative negligence laws, plaintiffs can still recover compensation even if they were partially at fault for the accident. In these actions, the award or settlement is reduced based on the plaintiff’s percentage of liability.

Having fought for countless injured clients, our attorneys are prepared to help you get the compensation you deserve. Put a winning law firm in your corner – call our toll-free line anytime to schedule a complimentary consultation.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, suffered an injury on someone else’s property or been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you have the right to take legal action. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will make sure that you are equipped with a knowledgeable lawyer that will fight for the settlement you deserve.

When you partner with Ellis Law, you can expect:

  • An honest assessment of your case to determine eligibility for compensation
  • No upfront legal fees, as you only pay us if we secure damages on your behalf
  • Sage advice on potential settlement offers
  • An attentive, knowledgeable attorney working on your claim

How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

The time it takes between your accident and receiving a potential settlement or jury award will vary case by case, and depend on a variety of factors, including the skill and experience of your personal injury attorney. Cases can be resolved from anywhere between a few months to a few years. Working with a qualified lawyer will help you streamline this process and reach a successful resolution as soon as possible. 

How Long Does It Usually Take to Get a Settlement?

How long does an injury claim take to settle? Once the demand letter has been received, a settlement can be offered right away. However, most claims involve some back-and-forth negotiating to reach a mutually agreeable amount. It’s natural to want a fast settlement to put matters behind you, but it can take some time to hammer out the details. Roughly half of settlement agreements are reached within a year.  

Personal Injury Timeline

Your personal injury lawsuit timeline will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Complexity of the Case
  • Amount of Damages Being Claimed
  • Severity of Injuries
  • Case Load in Your Local Courts
  • Defendant’s Willingness to Settle

In many cases, the insurance company will make an initial low-ball offer to try to take advantage of the injury victim’s need for money to cover exorbitant medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and other losses stemming from the accident. Though it is completely understandable that plaintiffs want to resolve their case quickly and move on with their lives, accepting an early offer from the insurer may mean that you are leaving substantial money on the table. Ellis Injury Law will connect you with the highest quality medical professionals and make sure your bills are covered so that you can afford to hold out until a fair and full damages total can be negotiated.   

Speaking with Ellis Injury Law regarding the specific details of your case is the best way to arrive at a realistic expectation for how long it will take to obtain damages in your case. We communicate routinely and regularly with our clients to keep them informed every step of the way. 

What Questions Should I Ask a Personal Injury Attorney?

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer is the first step in pursuing compensation for your injuries and bringing about justice in cases of negligence, reckless misconduct, or intentional malice. The following questions will help you feel confident you’ve made the right choice for representation:

  • What experience do you have handling cases that are similar to mine?
  • What is your percentage of favorable settlements or trial wins in these cases?
  • Which attorney will personally be responsible for my case?
  • What resources do you expect to deploy in building my case?
  • What level of participation will I have?
  • What costs and fees can I expect?
  • What outcome can I realistically expect for my case?

Some firms prefer to handle all the details themselves, while others have a high level of engagement with their clients. Be sure your expectations match.

Also, keep in mind that the best law firms have the finances to hire a network of investigators, medical experts, crash reconstructionists, and other professionals that will bolster the strength of your case.

You want a lawyer who can speak knowledgeably and confidently about your case and give you an honest assessment of your chances of success. Realistic expectations are a must. You’ll feel it in your gut when the fit is right.

Consult with Ellis Injury Law – Our Experience Speaks for Itself

If you are in need of a lawyer in the greater Los Angeles area that promises personalized attention and the highest caliber of legal representation, please contact the Ellis Law firm to schedule a free consultation today. Over the last twenty years, our attorneys have recovered more than $350 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients, and we look forward to assisting you during your time of need. Integrity, compassion and honesty are the hallmarks of our practice as we strive to be the best personal injury law firm in LA County.

In California, there are strict time limits for taking legal action in a claim, so don’t delay in setting up a case review with one of our legal professionals, call 310-641-3335.

Reviews for Ellis Law Corporation

Superior advocacy and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of Ellis Injury Law.Accident victims come to Ellis Injury Law for our steadfast support, sound legal guidance and unparalleled dedication to client recovery and success. Each of our clients is treated with compassion and attentive care, regardless of the severity of injury. We take great pride in our responsive communication, encouraging clients to reach out whenever they need assistance or answers. After surmounting seemingly unconquerable odds with our team at their side, many of our clients consider Andy Ellis and associates part of their own family.

See what some of our clients are saying about Ellis Injury Law:

5 star review rating

“Andrew Ellis and his staff have always been prompt in their response with me throughout the course of my case. Overall a pleasant experience going through a not so pleasant personal injury lawsuit.”
– Gabriel Z.