What is The Value of My Personal Injury Claim?

There is no simple formula for determining the exact value of your personal injury claim. It is impossible to plug the factors surrounding your case into a calculator and identify the exact dollar amount you will recover. That said, dedicated Los Angeles personal injury lawyers could review your case and advise you on what it could be worth.  

Remember, even an attorney cannot promise a favorable outcome in your case. No amount of research and review can help them determine exactly what your case will be worth. But based on their experience, your attorney could give you an estimate on what you might be able to expect from a settlement.  

Evaluating personal injury claims 

There are several factors that help determine the value of a personal injury claim. When a personal injury lawyer reviews a claim, they will consider every factor from the nature of the injury to the identity of the at-fault party.  

  • The severity of the injury. First and foremost, the severity of your injury will plan a major part in the value of your claim. The more severe the injury, the higher your medical bills are likely to be. For example, the value of a traumatic brain injury claim is likely much higher compared to an accident that resulted in a broken arm.   
  • Treatment. The cost—in both time and money—of your treatment will also play a part. The lengthier your recovery, the more your claim could be worth. As your treatment continues, your medical bills will keep growing.  
  • Evidence of liability. Not all injury claims are cut and dry. When the responsible party admits liability, it puts you in a strong bargaining position. The same is not true if the other side denies all wrongdoing or even blames you for the accident. When liability is disputed, it is not uncommon for settlement offers to be lower.  
  • Your pain. The severity and duration of your physical pain is another important factor. In fact, you could be entitled to monetary compensation specifically for the pain and suffering that you have endured.  
  • Emotional trauma. You could be entitled to compensation for more than just your physical injuries. Your emotional trauma could also result in substantial compensation as well.  
  • Time off work. Another central aspect of a personal injury claim could be your lost wages. If you were forced to miss work as you healed, you could be entitled to recover damages for any paychecks you missed out on.  

Your personal injury attorneys can consider each of these factors when they review your case. With the right legal counsel advising you, it could be possible to obtain a fair outcome in your injury case.  

When is the right time to ask for a case evaluation? 

There is no reason to wait for the right time to have your personal injury claim evaluated. Most injury lawyers will offer a free consultation. During your consultation, you can advise a prospective attorney on how your injuries occurred. By bringing police reports, medical records, or other documents with you to the evaluation, an attorney could provide you with an estimate on your chances of success as well as the value of your claim.  

For a comprehensive view of the value of your case, you likely need to give your attorney time to thoroughly review your case. This starts with your medical bills but can include any evidence of liability or damages for your claim.  

Talk to an attorney about your injury claim 

It is one thing to understand what your personal injury claim might be worth. It is another to have the experience and skill necessary to successfully pursue that claim. The team at Ellis Injury Law has a long track record of successfully pursuing injury claims and winning. There is no case too difficult for our team to take on. If you are ready to get started with your claim, schedule a free consultation with Ellis Injury Law today.