What are classified as life-changing injuries?

Life-changing injuries, also known as “catastrophic injuries,” impair the victim’s quality of life over the long term. Examples include spinal fractures, disfiguring burns, traumatic brain injury (TBI), loss of a limb, and extended oxygen deprivation. 

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When even time can’t heal your wounds 

The human body has wondrous healing powers but some injuries are so devastating that they leave a lifelong impact on the victim. 

In such cases, the sufferer may have no choice but to give up his or her career, say goodbye to favorite activities, use mobility aids, and learn how to cope with chronic pain.  

Other times the injured person has difficulty with social interactions. Going out in public can cause fear or even panic. Some victims of life-changing accidents become recluses, withdrawing into themselves as the world passes them by. 

Fortunately, not all injuries have such devastating consequences. Those that do have a lifelong impact generally fall under the following classifications: 

  1. Head and brain injuries: Such as severe concussions. These can cause paralysis, cognitive impairment, personality changes, negative emotional states, and seizures. TBI falls under this category.  
  2. Spinal injuries: The terrible forces unleashed in a serious accident can wreak havoc with the victim’s spine. Numbness, pain, constant tingling, limited mobility, or even total paralysis are common symptoms. 
  3. Loss of a finger, toe, or major limb: Many of us rely on our physical dexterity in order to earn our living. Others enjoy an active lifestyle and participate in skiing, hiking, playing sports, and other vigorous activities. Imagine how losing the ability to do what you love would impact your quality of life. Even a missing finger or toe can force the victim to give up favorite activities.  
  4. Severe burns: These can cause not only horrific pain but social isolation and emotional trauma as well. Burn victims sometimes spend their lives struggling to make it from one day to the next. They may lose their job, their social position, or even their life partner. Our job as a personal injury law firm is to help them get the funds they need for the care they deserve.  
  5. Oxygen deprivation: Just a few seconds of air loss can cause permanent damage to the brain or nervous system. This type of injury almost always has devastating effects on the victim’s prospects for happiness and fulfillment.  
  6. Loss of sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell: We rely on our five senses to navigate our way through the world. Any accident that impairs or destroys the senses is catastrophic to the victim.  
  7. Organ damage: Trauma to the heart, lungs, kidneys, or other internal organs can fall under the category of life-changing injury, especially if it has a long-lasting impact on the victim’s health or quality of life. For example, some injuries can make it difficult for the person to control their bladder or bowel habits, causing shame, embarrassment, or even worse. 

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