The Insurance Company Said I Don’t Need a Personal Injury Attorney—is That True?

The Insurance Company Said I Don’t Need a Personal Injury Attorney—is That True?

After a car accident, the insurance adjuster might tell you that you do not need an attorney to resolve your claim. However, insurance companies say a lot of things. These companies are more concerned with their bottom line than your recovery, and pushing you into a bad settlement is only one way they can take advantage of you. If you are concerned about the outcome of your case, you are always better off with the guidance of skilled Los Angles personal injury lawyers.  

Your attorneys will play a vital role in every aspect of your personal injury claim. From investigating your case to negotiating a settlement, the legal counsel you select will help you work toward the best possible outcome. Without an attorney by your side, you put yourself at a disadvantage against the insurance company and their army of lawyers.  

Why insurance companies do not want you to have any attorney 

There is a reason an insurance adjuster might push you to avoid hiring legal counsel. Despite the reasoning they give, they are not giving this advice out of their concern for your claim. Insurance companies know that once a lawyer becomes involved in an injury case, the chances that they can take advantage of you disappear.  

Insurance companies rely on their adjusters to resolve claims with injured drivers. These adjusters are highly trained with one goal in mind—save the company as much money as possible. Over time, insurance companies have learned that their adjusters can push inadequate settlement offers onto injured motorists that have not yet spoken to an attorney.  

One way these adjusters take advantage of an unrepresented person is by only offering enough settlement money to pay their initial hospital bills. While that might seem generous, insurance companies know most injury claims will continue to grow in the days and weeks following an accident. Settling a claim for only the cost of your ambulance ride or emergency room visit could leave you won significant out-of-pocket medical debt in the future.  

In some cases, insurance adjusters will work to avoid paying out on your claim entirely. They often accomplish this by recording a call with you and twisting your words against you. Often, they will push an injured driver to accept the blame for the accident or downplay their injuries. These statements can come back to haunt the injury victim in the future when the insurance company denies their claim based on those statements. An experienced personal injury lawyer can avoid these consequences by dealing directly with the insurance company on your behalf.  

How an attorney can help 

Your attorney can help you protect your legal rights in multiple ways. Some of the roles your personal injury attorneys can take include: 

  • Investigating your claim. The key to a successful injury claim is a thorough investigation. This starts with identifying the at-fault party and ends with calculating the amount of compensation you are entitled to recover. 
  • Negotiating a settlement. Most personal injury claims are completed through a negotiated settlement. Your attorney could help you obtain a settlement offer work accepting.  
  • Litigation. When a claim does not settle right away, a lawsuit may become necessary. Your attorney can file your claim, complete discovery, and move your case to trial. 
  • Trial. While relatively few injury claims ultimately go before a jury, your attorney can represent you during the course of your trial. This starts with jury selection and ends when the court renders a decision.  

Discuss your options with Ellis Injury Law 

There are a lot of moving parts to a personal injury claim. Settlement offers, liens, and the statute of limitations are only some of the complexities that come with these cases. Do not attempt to take on the insurance company alone. Let Ellis Injury Law guide you every step of the way. Call now to learn more.