How Serious Do My Injuries Have to Be For a Personal Injury Claim?

How Serious Do My Injuries Have to Be For a Personal Injury Claim?

Any injury that results in actual harm or monetary loss could result in a successful personal injury claim. There is no need for the plaintiff to establish that their injuries were extreme or potentially fatal. Seemingly minor injuries could result in significant financial recovery depending on the circumstances.  

Furthermore, it is important to understand that injuries are often more serious than they first appear. Injuries could appear minor initially, only to worsen over the coming days or weeks. Never assume your injury does not warrant a personal injury claim without first consulting with experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyers. To get started with your claim, contact Ellis Injury Law right away.  

Types of damages and how to prove them 

It is the plaintiff’s burden to establish the number of damages they are entitled to recover. Without establishing compensable damages, a plaintiff is not entitled to any recovery whatsoever. This is true even if all of the other elements of negligence are met.  

There are two basic types of compensation in a personal injury claim: economic and non-economic compensation. Economic damages are the measurable losses that follow a personal injury accident. These losses are measurable in dollars and cents and typically result from an out-of-pocket loss stemming from an accident. Common examples of economic damages include lost wages or medical expenses. A plaintiff can demonstrate the amount of economic compensation they are entitled to through the use of documentary evidence. Examples include paid bills, receipts, or invoices.  

The same evidence cannot be sued to prove non-economic damages. Non-economic damages exist to cover the subjective losses that come with an injury. These hard to measure losses include pain and suffering or mental anguish. Non-economic losses are not directly related to monetary losses, so there is no uniform method of evaluating them. Losses like pain and suffering impact every person differently. That is why establishing the value of these damages requires testimony from the plaintiff or expert witnesses.  

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand what types of compensation you might be entitled to recover. This process starts with a careful evaluation of your bodily injuries. Your losses go beyond your medical bills, however, and can even cover damage to your personal property. Discuss your legal options with an attorney before resolving your injury claim.  

What makes an injury compensable? 

An injury must meet a certain threshold before it can lead to a personal injury claim. That said, there is no clear line that determines whether a loss is compensable or not. Thankfully, the bar for an injury to qualify as a compensable loss is low. A plaintiff needs only to show that the injury they suffered negatively impacted their life in some way. This could include financial losses like medical bills. It could also include non-economic losses like pain and suffering. Any amount of measurable losses is enough to result in a successful injury claim.  

Signs of compensable injuries 

When you work with the experienced personal injury attorneys of Ellis Injury Law, our team can advise you on the aspects of your injuries that could result in financial compensation. Consider the following potential signs of whether or not an injury claim could be worth pursuing in your case: 

  • Did your injuries require medical treatment? 
  • Did your injuries require hospitalization? 
  • Were you forced to miss work due to your injuries? 
  • Are you currently in pain due to your injury? 
  • Did your injuries result in medical expenses? 
  • Has the stress or anguish related to your injuries impacted your life? 

If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, you could be entitled to financial compensation.  

Speak with an attorney right away 

If you believe you are entitled to monetary compensation following an injury, a consultation with seasoned personal injury attorneys is the next step. Let Ellis Injury law assist you in your pursuit of financial compensation. Contact us right away to schedule your free consultation.