What to Do After Being Hit by a Car

 What to Do After Being Hit by a Car

After being hit by a car as a pedestrian, seek medical attention even if you feel fine. Adrenaline may mask pain, and some serious injuries often have delayed onset symptoms. Notify law enforcement and ensure you get a copy of the police report. It’s also crucial to not discuss the accident with the motorist. While you are required to exchange contact and insurance information, avoid discussions of fault.  

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Notify Law Enforcement 

Call the police if you’ve been struck by a car. Any time an accident involves bodily injury or death, the law requires that those involved remain at the scene of the collision. Ensure the police file an accident report and get a copy. This gives you the opportunity to make sure your side of the story is on the record. This can go a long way toward protecting your legal rights if you need to file a claim against the insurance company. 

Seek Medical Assistance 

Your health is the most important consideration. Injuries are often severe, as pedestrians are unprotected from an impact by a motor vehicle. As noted, even if those injuries initially appear minor, they could quickly worsen over time; for example, a slight headache can indicate a concussion. It is also necessary to follow the treatment plan from your doctor. If you allow your condition to deteriorate, it could impact your financial recovery.  

Do Not Discuss the Accident with the Other Party 

Limit any discussion with the driver who hit you. Sharing insurance information is appropriate, but any remarks about fault or the facts of the accident should be avoided. More often than not, anything you say will be used against you by the driver’s lawyer or insurance company. By refusing to discuss the accident at all, you buy yourself time to first consult with a lawyer.  

Seek Professional Legal Assistance 

If you have suffered injuries after a negligent driver struck you, the team at Ellis Law is ready to help. These injuries may lead to physical, emotional, and financial difficulties that can significantly impact your life. The motorist’s insurance company may try to place some or all of the fault on you or deny any claims you file. However, our team of attorneys understands how to get the most out of a civil lawsuit, rebut allegations that you bore any fault, and work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve.  

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