Who Pays Your Medical Bills After a Lyft Accident?

Who Pays Your Medical Bills After a Lyft Accident?

Rideshare companies like Lyft have become popular because of the convenience that comes with using them. With the push of a button on your mobile phone, you can call a ride and be picked up wherever you are in a matter of minutes. 

While using this service is simple, dealing with an accident involving a Lyft driver is often complex. This is true regardless of whether you were a passenger in the vehicle or a driver that was struck by a negligent Lyft operator.  

If you are injured due to the negligence of a Lyft driver, you could have a viable claim for compensation. That said, the party that is ultimately responsible for paying your injury claim depends on what insurance policies might be in effect at the time of a crash. A Los Angeles Lyft accident lawyer could help you identify the correct party to seek compensation from.  

When you are a driver 

If you are struck by a Lyft driver while operating your own vehicle, the party that ultimately pays your medical bills will depend on who was at fault in the crash. If you are responsible for the accident, you could be on the hook not only for your own injuries but any that you caused to the Lyft driver as well. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company could pay for your medical bills even if you caused the crash.  

If the Lyft driver was responsible, there is typically an insurance policy in place to cover your injuries. The amount of available coverage could vary dramatically, however. If the Lyft driver had a passenger or was on the way to pick one, you could recover as much as $1 million on a liability policy. The insurance limits are far lower if the Lyft driver has their app active but are not carrying a passenger or en route to picking one up.  

If you are struck by a Lyft driver that is not actively using the rideshare app at the time of the crash, Lyft will not provide liability insurance in that situation. That said, California drivers are required to carry their own policies regardless of the amount of coverage offered by Lyft.  

If the Lyft driver that struck you is not covered by Lyft and does not have their own insurance policy, you have fewer options. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you can file a claim with your own insurer to cover your medical bills. Otherwise, your last resort could be to file a lawsuit directly against the driver in hopes of finding assets that could satisfy your injury claim.  

When you are a Lyft passenger 

Your path to recovering compensation for your medical bills is less complicated if you were a passenger at the time of the crash. However, fault still plays a role in determining who will pay your medical bills. The typical end result is that there is insurance coverage for your injuries.  

If there is another driver involved who was at fault for the accident, their insurance company is typically responsible for paying your medical bills. That means you could file a claim against their insurance policy for your injuries. Lyft will usually step in when the other driver lacks insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay all of your expenses. In these situations, Lyft has a $1 million uninsured motorist policy that could be used to pay for your medical expenses.  

While $1 million may seem like a lot of coverage, the insurance companies are under no obligation to pay out the limits on each claim. Most accident claims result in damages that are well below this maximum. Obtaining the amount of compensation required to pay your medical bills can take a strong legal team, regardless of the available maximum coverage.  

Let Ellis Injury Law assist with your claim 

Taking on Lyft or these large insurance companies can feel intimidating. However, with Ellis Injury Law you can rely on our experience to take these companies on and recover the compensation you deserve. To discuss your legal options, schedule a free consultation with Ellis Injury Law right away.