What to Do if a Lyft Driver Hits Your Car?

What to Do if a Lyft Driver Hits Your Car?

More and more rideshare drivers are on the road these days. It’s contributing to an increase in traffic overall, as well as an increase in accidents, even fatal ones. Many people wonder what to do if a Lyft driver hits your car. If you’re not seriously hurt, it’s best to take pictures of the scene and take down the names and contact numbers of eyewitnesses, as well as exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved. If you are hurt, getting emergency medical care should be your number one priority. In any case, it’s smart to contact a Lyft accident lawyer with Ellis Law as soon as you are able. In addition to the driver’s personal insurance company, Lyft also has an insurance company that may owe you compensation. 

Determining liability is key 

After an accident, you may be asked to give a statement to the police. Be careful not to admit outright fault, as this can be used to deny any attempt to secure compensation. If you can gather information at the scene, it may prove useful to your case. Take pictures of the vehicles involved in the crash, and get the contact numbers of any eyewitnesses. It might be helpful to take pictures of street signs, as well as businesses near your accident site. You never know it security cameras or speed cameras may have captured video of your collision. All of this evidence can be used by your legal team to determine who was responsible for the crash. To what extent the other driver and Lyft as a company are liable, depends on whether or not the driver was on an active job, en route to pick up a passenger, or searching for riders. Of course, if you’re seriously hurt, you need to concentrate on getting the medical help you need, first and foremost. 

Is the driver or the company to blame? 

Assuming the crash wasn’t your fault, there are still important questions that remain. Is the rideshare driver to blame for the crash? Is Lyft liable for all actions of its drivers? Is the liability split 50/50 between Lyft’s insurance and the driver’s private insurance? Rideshare companies have tried to keep their drivers classified as “independent contractors” to avoid taking responsibility for their reckless actions, among other things. A new state law, California AB 5, attempts to reclassify gig economy workers as employees. This new law has a number of ramifications that are still being sorted out, but it looks like it will increase Lyft’s responsibility to insure its drivers and pay accident settlements. With a legal team that specializes in Lyft lawsuits on your side, you’ll have a team of professionals who can determine who is liable and to what extent. Ellis Law can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Don’t accept a quick settlement 

Insurance companies don’t make billions of dollars in profits by handing out generous settlements left and right. If a corporation like Lyft knows they are seriously at fault for an accident, their insurance company will probably offer a modest settlement right off the bat. Though the promise of quick, easy cash might be tempting, you should understand that taking an initial settlement offer may prevent you from seeking further legal action. This is why it’s important to have a personal injury lawyer who is looking out for your best interests to represent you in all dealings with the liable insurance companies. 

Consultations are free and confidential 

Meeting with our legal pros and discussing your accident won’t cost a thing. We can examine the evidence, medical records, and car damage, and put together an estimated settlement amount. Not every accident leads to a lawsuit, but the only way of truly knowing whether you should seek legal action is to sit down with an experienced team who understands the nuances of local, California, and federal law. You’re under no obligation to retain the services of Ellis Law, regardless of the outcome of our consultation. We are available to speak via phone, chat, or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Seek the justice you deserve 

If we think you have a case, we can get to work with no money down. Lawyers with Ellis Law work on contingency fees, which means we don’t get paid until we deliver results for you. Going up against a big tech company like Lyft can be a daunting task, and you might not feel like you have the resources to effectively fight for your rights. This contingency fee arrangement allows us to provide an elite legal team to any accident victims, whether they have money in the bank or are flat broke. Stand up for your rights and pursue fair compensation with help from Ellis Law.